3 Frugal Landscaping Tricks to Save Some Money on Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a costly feat, no matter if you own a large property or a medium-sized back garden. If you add together time and physical effort, while piling the bills for tools, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and other weekly, monthly or seasonal activities, the costs may go out through the roof. Frugal landscaping, on the other hand, represents a series of tricks to employ to cut down some costs, and even reduce the size of the areas needing frequent maintenance. Landscaping Bridgeport, CT experts decided to share some of their advice with you today.

1. Cut Down the Lawn Size

While it’s excellent to grow your own rain forest in your front yard, luxurious vegetation needs some generous amounts of money, not to mention time and manpower. If you always wanted to cut down the size of the lawn, you can try building decks and patios, while introducing hardscape into the overall landscape. Walkways, fountains, an outdoor kitchen, a small party deck with the proper garden furniture, these are all optimal solutions to obtain smaller areas of turf needing mowing, watering, fertilizing and so on. If you want to get really creative, build a sand Chinese garden to save even more space and money, as sand needs little care. Moreover, add large flower pots as decorative elements, as it’s easier and cheaper to care for flower pots than vast rows of grass and flowers.

2. Install Flower Beds with Rock Frames

Exotic or non-native grasses and plants require a lot of support to thrive in the Bridgeport climate, so you should think about local flowers and turf. They usually need less trimming, watering and fertilization, as they are already used to the environment. If you want to cut down even more costs, install flower beds and build them frames of river rocks, bricks or stones, to reduce the areas which need mowing and watering. Lawn care Bridgestone, CT experts or lawn care Westport CT service providers can help you choose the most beautiful local plants and can help you install flower beds and build frames.

3. Go Natural and Organic

Add rings of mulch around newly planted trees, make your own compost to save money with fertilization and add scented herbs to the lawn and garden. They have a spectacular look when in bloom and you may save a lot of money with pest repellents, as some scented herbs are known to keep crawlers at bay. Also, plant different types of grasses and rotate crops, these will save you money on the long run.