Landscaping Westport, CT Experts Tricks to Restore Perennials to Life

As much as homeowners love their perennial flowers, bushes, vines, shrubs and plants, they also resent the fact that most perennials fade away, dry and die in early to mid summer. Some flowery perennials however, can be restored to life and persuaded to burst in new colored and fragrant blossoms and leaves. How can one help perennials to start a new inflorescence cycle? This is what our landscaping Westport, CT specialists are here for: to teach you how to trick perennials (without harming them) into developing new buds and leaves, new colors and scents and a new life all summer long.

1. Frequent Cutting, Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming should be achieved in early spring, but you can cut some flowers, trees, shrubs and plants to freshen them up and help them blossom again. You can cut the dry and dead flowers of roses for instance or other flowery shrubs and plants – but only after the flowers and the flowery branches faded away completely. Cut such dead flowers and branches as close to the base as you can and help them restore their inflorescence at least once again throughout the season.

2. Degree Cutting

Flowery shrubs and plants can also be cut and clipped in layers or degrees. You can ask your local landscaping Westport, CT experts to help you radically cut the back and center parts of a perennial shrub or flower after it faded or died of age in order to resurrect it. You can also cut the flowers or the flowery branches in the front after they died as well. This is a rather tricky method so if you are not sure how to proceed, your lawn care Westport, CT specialists will give you a hand.

3. Vines and Climbing Plants’ Clipping

Some of the best perennial plants to introduce into your landscape and care for are vines and climbing flowers – they offer abundant foliage and inflorescence, tantalizing scents, privacy, shadow and long-term beauty. Unfortunately, many vines and climbing plants fade away during summer, so they need some revival as well. Cut the dead flowers and the flowerless sprouts close to the base and boost some new life into your climbing perennials.

Perennials’ Seasonal Maintenance

Your refreshed perennials will need a bit of extra care to ensure their thriving and a successful blossoming cycle. This is what you should have in mind:

  • Thorough watering – early in the morning a few times a week, especially in the hottest summer months.
  • Fertilization and weed control – cut and clipped plants are a bit vulnerable so you should ask your local lawn care Westport, CT experts to give you a hand with their proper nourishment and protection against weeds.
  • Pest control – pests will probably get attracted to the new blossoms and baby leaves, so have your local team implement a protective plan against local creepy crawlers.

When it comes to reviving and maintaining your perennials you should always consult with your local landscaping Westport, CT specialists. They will give you a hand and advise you on the best measures you can take to enjoy a full summer of fresh new flowers.