Lawn Care Pros’ Tips on Spring Overseeding

Overseeding is a seasonal lawn care activity which is usually implemented in September. However, the next best season to try achieving a thick, healthy and thriving turf on your property is spring. Lawn care Easton, CT specialists recommend you to consider spring overseeding as well, provided you start very early. This will ensure that the new seedlings have enough time to germinate and grow healthy roots until summer heat starts giving them troubles. Our landscaping Trumbull, CT experts noticed that many homeowners don’t know what to do after the spring overseeding session, so today we have gathered a handful of professional lawn care pros to share a few of their recommendations related to spring overseeding.

1. First Thing to Do is Aeration

You may have heard that a full lawn management plan includes aeration and overseeeding many times. These two go hand in hand, as aeration ensures the success of a good overseeding activity. Aeration helps the soil drain and de-compact. Moreover, the holes help the plants absorb nutrients better. They also let sun rays, air, water and fertilizers reach the deep roots of the plants. Successful overseeding is majorly based on proper aeration, as the new seedlings need the holes to pick out from after they germinate.

2. Next Comes the Patience Period

Our lawn care Easton, CT specialists insist on this: after you overseeded, you need to stay away from the lawn as much as you can. You will have to water it daily but try to find a solution to step on the newly overseeded lawn as little as you can. Physical stress is damaging to your new lawn right now and it can prevent the seedlings to develop. Weeds are the next thing to consider: they are likely to show up right after you overseeded, but never treat them with weed killers or highly chemical herbicides as they can kill the seedlings in the process. Ask your local lawn care Easton, CT company to give you a hand with post-overseeding weed control procedures.

3. Last but not Least: Frequent Watering

Many homeowners wonder how and when to water their freshly overseeded lawns. The answer is simple: daily, once or two times a day. A large lawn may require a landscape irrigation system to function as you shouldn’t trample all over the newly overseeded lawn. When watering, keep in mind that you should keep at least ¼ inch of the soil’s surface moist at all times, to give the seedlings a real chance to develop strong roots and thrive. The freshly overseeded lawn should be watered daily until the new grasses reach their recommended mowing heights. After that, you can return to your usual watering schedule.

If you are in doubt that your overseeding project might not turn out as successful as you think, call in our lawn care Easton, CT specialists to give you a hand with your spring landscaping project.