Summer Tree Care: Lawn Care Bethel, CT Experts’ Guide

Trees are (or should be) one of your main concerns when you plan for a summer-long lawn care and landscape maintenance program. People usually tend to take their trees for granted and focus more on grass, flowers, shrubs or vines. But trees are not indestructible or invulnerable and they need your undivided attention. Our lawn care Bethel, CT experts are here today to tell you that your trees sustain your entire landscape and ecosystem on your property and if they are neglected, there might be deep-impact negative consequences on the whole property. Let’s see how you can take care of your trees this summer and ensure their healthy thriving.

1. Weekly Tree Inspections

Take your time and thoroughly inspect your trees at least once a week. Assess the root area, the bark, the branches, leaves and flowers. Look for any suspicious signs of poor health or pest attacks. Spots, burns, discolored areas, curled or dead leaves and twigs, cracks or insect presence should be your main concern. If you notice such signs, have your lawn care Bethel, CT specialists treat the tree, remove it altogether or move to another area on your property. If you have new planted trees, ask your landscaping Bethel, CT team to advise you regarding regular inspections, pruning and trimming.

2. Weekly Tree Watering

Native trees are more resilient to hot summer months, but you should give them water at least once a week. According to our lawn care Bethel, CT specialists, even native strong trees need at least 1 to 1.5 inches of water on a weekly basis. You can quench their thirst using a hose or you can install a deep irrigation system to make sure all your vegetation receives the correct amount of water.

3. Summer Tree Mulching

When it comes to fertilization and heat protection, mulch is your best and most reliable ally. Ask your local lawn care Bethel, CT experts to teach you about the 3-3-3 mulching rule. Basically, this means adding a 3 inch layer of mulch around each tree in a 3-foot circle keeping a 3-inch distance between the mulch and the tree bark. Mulch nourishes the trees, keeps them moist and protects them against pests. Don’t be cheap on the mulch and use it to feed your shrubs and flower beds as well.

4. Tree Bark Protection Systems

Summer is the season of pest attacks and even animals trying to chew on the trees’ barks or leaves, so ask your local lawn care Bethel, CT company to help you install summer tree protection systems. Tree guards or fences can keep pests and wildlife at a safe distance and also protects the trees against accidents caused by lawn mowers or gardening tools.

5. Fertilization, Disease and Weed Control

If you need to use weed killers and chemicals, ask your local team to implement proper custom-tailored tree fertilization and weed control program. Diseased trees can harm the entire ecosystem and weeds can spread massively on your property. Your local lawn care Bethel, CT specialists can make sure nothing of this sort occurs on your property as they will maintain your trees safe, healthy and thriving all year long.