Successful Landscaping Secrets Shared by Experts

Revamping a lawn and a garden is a process similar to that of redecorating a house. Landscaping Shelton, TX experts consider that both such projects require vision, careful planning and an overall design which is not only beautiful, but coherent. But adding new flower beds to your lawn is exactly like changing the couch in the living room: some designs work well with the other elements present on the premises, others don’t.

Adding disparate elements to the garden and lawn may turn into a less satisfactory design. It may look like everything is just piled up there with no thought and purpose. A few landscaping Shelton, CT professionals agreed to share some of their secrets, to give you a better idea on what you have to consider when creating a landscaping plan.

The Focal Point Needs Careful Choosing

If you want your lawn and garden to become the envy of the entire neighborhood, you should start with focal points. These are landscape elements which are meant to draw the eye’s attention. Everything else should be built around the focal point which can be a stone fountain, trees, the house if you want, hardscape elements or flower beds. The trick is to blend the focal point in the overall design, as it’s not enough to just let it stick out. You need to be careful about scales, colors, patterns, shapes, textures and contrasts.

Curves Allow Informal Designs

Landscaping Bridgeport, CT experts agree with their landscaping Shelton, CT colleagues: curves give you more freedom in design. Formal designs are hard to achieve and involve a lot of money and manpower. A curvy design allows an informal route, but this also needs a few tricks to employ. Think in terms of long subtle curves and mimicking curves to create the illusion of depth and dimension.

Movement Is an Element of Interest

A well-manicured, picture-perfect landscape is all homeowners’ dream, but do you want still frames and motionless images to be the best feature of your lawn? Adding movement to the landscape is a secret only true landscaping Shelton, CT professionals know. Bringing life and motion to a lawn can be achieved with the help of tall grasses and plants swaying naturally under the smooth wind. It can also be achieved by allowing beneficial insects to buzz around the garden flowers.

The House Should Blend In

The house should be perfectly blended in the overall landscape and not simply stick out. Consider scale, color and supplemental elements to make it look like it belongs in that perfect image.