Modern Lawn Care Strategies to Employ for Better Lawn Management

Lawn care and lawn management is a science and a field of activity subjected to many changes in the last years. Just like any science, it witnesses developments, discoveries, research, new principles and best practices models. There are also new substances and new methods developed every day. Lawn care Newtown, CT experts are permanently training to offer their clients the best and newest solutions in lawn maintenance. Today they gathered to share with you a few modern lawn care Newtown, CT strategies to employ for better lawn management.

1. Smart Lawns Are Smaller

If you own a vast property, it’s probably hard to manage it in terms of budget, heavy lifting and dedicated time. On the other hand, not everybody owns a small rain forest in their back yard, but a medium-sized garden and landscape. Lawn care Newtown, CT experts found that smaller lawns are smarter because they need less hard work and money and can be managed easier. Become creative and think smart: vertical gardens, hardscape, wooden decks, large flower pots and so on.

2. Functional Landscaping is the Future

Flowers, trees, shrubs, plants. This is the overall idea people have when it comes to landscaping. But modern strategies and trends emphasize on adding vegetables and fragrance herbs to your lawn. On one hand, you can enjoy fresh healthy veggies from your own garden. Secondly, vegetables are beautiful and don’t ruin the overall aesthetics of a landscape. Thirdly, veggies and scented herbs go great together with flowers and shrubs, as some of them are natural pest repellents.

3. Organic Fertilizers Are a Must

Living the grass clippings on the soil is the easiest way to ensure you have the lawn fertilized organically. But beyond that, modern lawn care Newtown, CT experts also insist on the use of organic compounds to be used to nourish the soil and achieve lush grass, plants and veggies on the long term. They talk about mulch, homemade compost and even purchased manure as natural fertilizers which ensure full greenery development.

4. There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Choosy

Landscape Stratford, CT experts agree with the lawn care Newtown, CT specialists: you have to choose right the turf, the flowers you plant and the lawn care program you want to implement. Know the strengths and limitations of all plants and flowers and learn which are more resilient to weather conditions and local pests. All in all, make informed decisions, keep yourself updated to the lawn care trends and discoveries and consult with your local lawn care Newtown, CT experts.