3 Landscaping Rules to Follow for Best Redesign Results

Buying a house with a lawn is a great investment and the ones selling it to you made sure the front yard and garden had the proper curb appeal for you to sign the papers. The best case scenario is the one when you don’t have to move a blade of grass on that property, just start watering the lawn the next day. However, some people choose to buy a good, solid and reliable house, even if it comes with a less attractive lawn. After all, a great house is the main goal and the lawn can be always fixed. If you are in this situation, let’s see a few landscaping Shelton, CT rules to follow if you want to redesign the landscape with the best results.

1. Invest in Infrastructure

It seems odd, but a landscaping Shelton, CT plan should begin like any other design or refurbishment plan: with the infrastructure. You can start working with a lawn care Shelton, CT company to test the soil and tell you what it needs in terms of de-cluttering, fertilization and other treatments. If you want to redesign the landscape, you need a healthy soil and the best products to achieve this goal. Dethatching, weed removal, pest removal, soil core aeration, irrigation and fertilization, these make the foundation of your future sparkling green healthy landscape.

2. Design the Landscape around the House

Landscaping Trumbull, CT experts often found that new homeowners don’t actually take the house in consideration when they choose to implement a landscaping project. Everything you build in terms of landscape should match the house and help it blend in the whole picture. A landscaping Shelton, CT expert team can advise you on what plants to choose and where to put them, what trees go well in the general picture, how flower beds should be installed, what shrubs go where and how hardscape can also blend in the general green landscape. The level of detail is of essence and you should take into account the exterior house color, height, position, surrounding buildings (garage), driveways, pathways and so on.

3. Project for the Future

If you bought the house and property to live there happily forever after, your landscaping redesign project should cover many years from now. Kids grow, and they will have other needs. Or maybe you plan to have kids at some point? Perhaps you will need an outdoor garden office to work from home. Or maybe an open summer kitchen with bar and grill for your famous summer parties? Do you have some fresh fruit and vegetables or herbs rows in mind? It is great to have just a lush lawn to enjoy, but when you redesign a landscape from scratch, you need to save some spaces for your future plans and think about what your family might need or enjoy ten years from now.