Lawn Care Pros’ Guide on Lawn Maintenance under Extreme Heat

Extreme summer heat shouldn’t take anyone by surprise – a reoccurring phenomenon, extreme heat comes together with draught and other environmental issues that put a threat on your lawn and landscape. There is a common myth propelled among gardeners and homeowners stating that proper irrigation is enough to counter the draught negative effects. However, while watering is mandatory, it also should follow a few specific rules. Moreover, there are other tricks to employ when tending to your lawn and landscape under an extreme heat wave. This is why our lawn care Bridgeport, CT pros are here for: to offer you a quick roundup of the main rules to follow if you want to keep your turf sparkling green, no matter how much heat it endures.

Proper Lawn Irrigation

  • During extreme heat days, water the lawn and the landscape very early in the morning, respecting each type of vegetation watering needs.
  • Don’t overwater! Some people water their lawns even after a rainfall, but this is highly prohibited. Overwatering causes physiological problems for the microorganisms living in the soil, interferes with the soil’s drainage process and deprives roots of oxygen. It can also lead to the development of soil clay patches and the thriving of moist-loving diseases and pests.
  • Instead of watering superficially with a hose, you should have a landscape irrigation system installed. Ask your lawn care Bridgeport, CT specialists to advise you on the use of a smart deep drip irrigation system to water the plants accordingly to their needs and save resources in the process.

Proper Lawn Mowing

  • Always respect the turf’s recommended mowing heights – but do higher up the lawn mower blades during a heat wave. Letting the turf blades longer helps the grasses harness enough energy to fight against heat, draught, pests and diseases. Longer blades also help the soil stay cooler and the roots healthier.
  • Don’t mow the lawn during a very hot day – you will only stress the turf even further.
  • Mow the lawn the next day you watered or you had a rainfall – if you mow the day you watered, you risk allowing clumping to occur.

Proper Lawn Maintenance

  • Try not to use chemical fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides during summer and especially under an extreme heat wave – chemicals and heat can burn everything to the ground, affecting the soil, the vegetation, crops, and beneficial insects and so on.
  • Keep your cultivation activities to a minimum: don’t dethatch, aerate, remove or replant trees, plant new flowers and so on unless it is absolutely necessary. Ask your lawn care Bridgeport, CT specialists to implement a proper summer lawn maintenance plan as they can perform such activities without unnecessarily stress the lawn.
  • You might want to consider the use of mulch to protect trees, flower beds and shrubs from extreme heat, keeping your soil cool and your plants’ roots nourished, moist and safe from weeds and pests.

If you feel that your turf is getting dry, burnt and brown, have your lawn care Bridgeport, CT team to assess the situation and help you keep your lawn green and healthy even under extreme heat.