Planting Marigolds This Year

Marigolds are summer’s most precious additions to your landscape and front lawn and our lawn care Trumbull, CT experts can’t wait to talk to you about planting these gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous revamping of your property this year. Marigolds are some of the easiest flowers to cultivate and maintain all year long. They love the sun, hot weather, well-drained soil and a loving hand, so let’s hear out our lawn care Trumbull, CT pros!

What Marigold Varieties Can You Plant?

There are three large families of marigolds comprising over 50 species of plants:

  • American marigolds: thrive well in warm and dry conditions. They are tall, upright, aromatic, and come in lovely hues ranging from yellow to copper or brass. Americans should be planted in early spring as they mature slower.
  • French marigolds: they are wider than taller, elegant, demure, aromatic and eye-catching in colors.
  • Signet marigolds: they love dry, rocky, and hot sites, perfect for edging; their flowers are also edible in summer salads. Both Signets and French can be planted all throughout summer.

Planting Marigolds: Tips and Tricks

Our lawn care Trumbull, CT pros’ advice is to plant marigolds in well-drained and moderately fertile soils. You should also dig the soil a little to loosen it up and free it of stones.

  • Add granular fertilizers or organic amendments in the planting holes to boost growth, especially when it comes to Americans.
  • Plant the French and the Signets 8 to 10 inches apart, and the Americans at least 10 to 12 inches apart.
  • After planting, thoroughly water each planted flower.
  • Water marigolds in mid-day in summer in full heat.
  • Always water marigolds at the base of the plant and not over their heads.
  • Watering should be performed in stages – water them, allow the soil to dry a little, water again, let it dry again and repeat the process.
  • If American varieties are clipped when their blossoms get spent, the flowers will bloom again more bountiful.
  • Marigolds shouldn’t be fertilized while they grow. If you over-fertilize them, you will promote foliage instead of flowers.
  • Marigolds love a good layer of organic mulch to stay safe from weeds and pests and keep their roots cool and moist.
  • Marigolds get sometimes attacked by aphids or mites. The problem is easy to solve if you spray the plants with some water and insecticidal soap used every other day for a couple of weeks.
  • Some marigolds can get fungal infections, but your lawn care Trumbull, CT experts should easily solve the issues in no time.

One important quality of marigolds is that they make amazing companion plants for vegetables. If planted around tomatoes, cabbages, onions and other veggies, marigolds will keep them safe from many types of maggots. They are also gorgeous additions to your front lawn, landscape and garden. Ask your lawn care Trumbull, CT experts to teach you about planting, caring, and maintaining marigolds all year long and have the best-looking property in the neighborhood!