3 Sustainability-Centric Trends in Outdoor Architecture

While you enjoy a hot cup of chocolate contemplating by the window how winter totally changed the looks of your landscape, you might also get an idea or two about giving your property a makeover when time comes. But what do you want to have on your property that is functional, sustainable, beautiful and affordable on the long term? If such questions cross your mind, then you are in the right place. Our lawn care Weston, CT experts together with their landscaping Weston, CT colleagues have identified five major outdoor architecture trends you might want to look out for in 2017.

1. Return to Nature

We have approached the subject of sustainability before – meaning native and resilient vegetation plantation, cutting down the turf size, xeriscaping, building outdoor structures and so on. This year these trends take a step forward and emphasize on the use of endemic plants to a specific geographic and climacteric regions. Such plants promote the thriving of natural ecosystems with endemic insects, birds and butterfly introduction. Moreover, such plants need little to no watering, fertilization or weed / pest control chemicals, thus saving resources, money and the environment.

The same sustainability is also approached by the use of natural materials when it comes to outdoor building, namely wood, stone, sun-dried tiles or cobblestone, among others, as opposed to metal, concrete, and glass. Plants and materials are chosen to be more resilient to climate change, to promote healthy environments, and to save you money and time with maintenance while still preserving the beauty of your landscape.

2. Edible Landscapes

Also in full compliance with the sustainability approach, the introduction of edible vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees seem to become increasingly popular this year. Blended gardens mixing ornamental shrubs and flowers with edibles turn the landscape into a wondrous place of beauty and functionality. People seem to be more and more attracted by healthier ways of living and the growth and consumption of fresh, organic produce is one step to be taken. Growing your own vegetables, fruits and spices is not only budget-friendly, but also cuts down the turf size and promotes the use of organic fertilizers and pest-control measures instead of the chemical ones.

If you want to give this trend a chance, you should talk to your lawn care Weston, CT specialists. They are more than able to give you advice on what edibles to grow to benefit from fresh produce all year long and cut down landscaping and lawn care maintenance costs.

3. Smart Irrigation Systems

Using the same principles founding the Internet of Things, irrigation systems became veritable pieces of hi-tech jewelry. Besides irrigation systems that use weather data to automatically determine correct irrigation amounts we now have even smarter sprinklers’ systems that can be operated through smartphone apps. Slow watering, programmed watering when you are away from home and even leaks’ alerts are now available together with hi-tech irrigation installations that can be operated remotely. Besides saving you water and time, such smart systems also save you money and troubles.

Sustainability and lowering our environmental impact have never been more important as they are today and our lawn care Weston, CT experts are here to answer all your questions about your future sustainable and gorgeous landscape.