Lawn Edging: Landscaping Monroe CT Experts’ Ideas

Lawn edging is probably the easiest way to completely revamp your landscape and emphasize the looks of your flower beds, pathways, patios, and leisure areas. Edges offer all yards and gardens a neat, organized, and modern look. Edging separates different areas of your front lawn or back garden, creates contrast, adds color and depth, and completely changes the looks of your landscape depending on what materials you choose. Today our landscaping Monroe CT specialists are here to offer you some ideas on lawn edging.

1. Bricks

Probably the most traditional lawn edging material, bricks are somehow timeless, able to blend in any landscape type, theme, and design. Bricks are weather resilient and they create amazing color and contrast when integrated into your overall landscape design. Our landscaping Monroe CT specialists can give you a hand with bricks lawn edging in case you find it difficult to use the material properly.

2. Gabion

Gabion means “big cage” and it is used today to create fantastic lawn edges and garden walls. You can purchase the cages from any gardening or home improvement store and use fillers like stones, wood, logs, shells, or terracotta shards, among others. The classic stone gabion is timeless, however, and can blend in any type of landscape. You can create retaining walls and stair-like gardens with it, so it is quite versatile and easy to integrate on your property.

3. Stones

It can take some efforts to carry stones around a build a stone edge, but this is pretty much it. All you have to do is either buy or find similarly sized stones and create a small but visually impactful lawn border with them. Stones are preferred for their raw, natural look and the timelessness feeling they offer. Stones come in shades and undertones so pick the ones you like most. Just remember to choose those with a relatively uniform size.

4. Cut Logs

One of our landscaping Milford CT favorites, cut logs can be placed horizontally or vertically to create small-size fences that act as lawn edges. Cut logs make any lawn, flower bed, garden, patio or walkway look neat, natural, eco-friendly, elegant in its simple beauty, and easy to achieve. These appealingly natural garden edges take little time, effort, or money and make any lawn look modern, yet rustic.

5. Terracotta Pipes

Think about cinder blocks and realize that terracotta pipes can play a double role in your landscape: they can separate different areas of your property and spice up the looks of your lawn while functioning as planters as well for even more flowers or decorative grasses. Place equally sized terracotta pipes in rows, just as you’d make a log fence and fill them with nourishing soil. Use them as planters for other ornamentals. The best thing about terracotta pipes is that their color probably matches your pots and your brick patio already, so think about them in terms of finishing touches of symmetry, coherence, color, contrast, and matching.

If you are interested in more ideas on lawn edging, talk to your local landscaping Monroe CT specialists and learn what they recommend for your property.