Tips on Efficient Mid Spring Activities

The weather might be a bit whimsy but one thing is certain: spring is here and you should start thinking about some spring activities that are in order these days to help your lawn grow lush and thriving all year long. Our lawn care Trumbull, CT specialists want to give you a heads-up and remind you of some important mid-spring tips to employ when starting your lawn care activities. This is a very special time for your lawn, as some grasses start growing roots, others are still dormant and each of them needs proper care and attention.

1. Lawn and Garden Overall Assessment

Ask your local lawn care Trumbull, CT experts to perform a soil test and evaluate any possible post-winter damages your lawn might have suffered from. Look for signs of disease or fungal infections, test the soil’s moisture levels, measure the soil’s fertilization needs, the trees state of health and the grasses color, texture and height.

2. Cleaning, Raking and Debris Removals

Even if there is little snow mold to deal with on your property, there is still enough debris, dead leaves, dry twigs or branches and other types of leftover you need to remove. Use the leaves rake to clean up the place in a gently and harmless manner. Dethatch and let the turf breathe, leaving room for the grasses to get as stronger as they can.

3. Lawn Care and Landscaping Scheduling

Ask your local landscaping Trumbull, CT specialists to help you make a thorough plan and help you schedule your landscaping activities. Before planting any new flowers, shrubs and hedges, you should have all your tools cleaned and fully functional, the lawn mower blades sharp and ready and a bunch of catalogues presenting the newest trends in landscaping and gardening.

4. Fixing and Repairing the Hardware

It is not time to mow or water the lawn just yet, but you still need to fix some broken pieces of hardware here and there. If you have a landscape irrigation installation on your property, check it out for leaks and other post-winter damages. A leaking sprinklers’ system may lead to an unnecessary waste of water, over-watering problems and a water bill shooting through the roof.

5. Waiting for the Right Time to Start

Some homeowners rush things up a bit and start mowing their turfs, watering their lawns or using pre-emergence weed treatments. Others start digging holes and planting new flowers and vegetation. Take a breath and have some patience, as some things need to be done in a proper manner. Ask your lawn care Trumbull, CT specialists to help you set up a correct established lawn watering plan versus a new lawn watering plan. They can also help you with proper and safe weed control programs that don’t harm the new seedlings or the sensitive grasses and they will teach you about the recommended mowing heights of the grasses you have or intend to plant.

Take your time and assess everything on your property, respecting the general guidelines of watering, weeding and mowing your local lawn care Trumbull, CT specialists offered you in the general lawn management plan.