Lawn Care Specialists on Summer Weed Control Tips

Summer is weeds’ favorite time of the year; the heat, the watering, the insects and birds carrying their seeds all over the place are just a few triggering factors compelling weeds to start their war for domination in your garden. Our lawn care Bethel CT specialists warn you, however: don’t mess with fertilizers and herbicides in summer, as the chemicals can downright burn the soil and ruin the vegetation. If you also grow vegetables or fruits, try to keep chemicals as far from them as possible. There are some old-fashioned, more organic methods to keep weeds at bay this summer and we will take a look at them below!

The Good Old Weed Pulling

This is a drag, we admit, but for the sake of your turf, flowers, and the environment you should consider this activity as an alternative to chemical treatments.


Some may argue that organic moist mulch entertains weeds as it is, first and foremost, an organic fertilizer. This type of mulch doesn’t kill weeds – but it acts as an indirect enforcer for the other grasses, flowers, and plants. It keeps your vegetation’s roots cool, moist, and strong, rendering them capable of becoming more resilient to a weed attack. Sometimes in order to win the battle you just have to keep your ground and not surrender. This is what moist organic mulch does.

If you want a more radical solution, you can use dry organic mulch or inorganic mulch. These groundcovers act as walls and barriers against sprouting weeds. They don’t have fertilizing properties, but they can create a physical obstacle against the weeds pushing forward to conquer your yard and garden.

Talk to your local lawn care Bethel CT specialists as they can recommend you the proper ground covers that smother weeds and prevent them from germinating. Don’t use ground covers and inorganic mulch “by instinct” as you risk smothering the grasses or vegetation you intended to protect in the first place.

Don’t Breed Weeds Unknowingly

There are some lawn care activities – the intensive type – that might boost a weed attack without you even knowing it. Such activities are intensive digging, soil aeration, over-watering, tree removals, plants’ transplants and relocations, construction work, large new plantings. If you decide you still need these activities performed, ask your local lawn care Bethel CT experts to give you a hand. Let sleeping weeds lie, as any activity can wake them up and give them the proper conditions to attack.

You can also breed weeds unknowingly by buying potted plants or seeds. If you shop only at reputable nurseries you may significantly lower this risk, but usually potted plants and seeds do contain some inconspicuous weeds. Make sure you choose your source wisely and ask your local lawn care Bethel CT experts for advice and assistance. A quick evaluation of the new plant you want to introduce in the garden is a preventative method of keeping your yard safe from invaders.

As a last piece of advice, keep an eye on the insect activity on your property, as certain weeds attract many insects and you don’t want to deal with both pests and weeds at the same time.