Protect Your Property in Winter with These 3 Simple Measures

A while ago, we talked about the most common mistakes homeowners make in winter to the detriment of their lawns and landscapes. Our readers requested us to be even more specific and highlight a few simple measures they can take in order to protect their properties from frost, snow, winds and other harsh winter conditions. Lawn care Shelton, CT specialists came up with a list of three easy protective strategies anyone can employ without much effort or costs. Let’s see what you can do to ensure that your turf, trees, flowers, and plants will stay healthy during winter and bloom bountiful in spring.

1. Mulch is Your Best Ally

As we stated before, the incorrect or insufficient application of mulch is a common mistake which may lead to negative results in spring. To really protect the soil for the winter, the plants’ roots and the dormant seeds, you need to apply a thick layer of mulch on as larger a surface you can. The layer should be at least 7-8 inches thick and shouldn’t go below 4 inches thick. The trick to keep in mind is that mulch does a wonderful job when applied in a circular pattern. Start from the tree bark and go around it, covering a 2 feet area. Make sure the mulch doesn’t touch the young trees’ bark. You can do the same thing around shrubs and bushes, flowers and other garden plants. This way you will keep the soil moist and the roots safe from frost or heavy water infiltrations. Other lawn care Monroe, CT specialists consider this to be a perfect protective measure against winter pests or rodents. For the best results, use a high-quality, organic type of mulch.

2. Burlap or Boughs Are Essential Additions

A harsh weather can kill your young trees and shrubs, damage your roses and other plants, damage the seeds, flowers and the turf itself. Wind and air currents on your property are invisible, but strong enemies for your plants; this is why you have to protect them with burlap and boughs. Some trees or shrubs need extra care due to their position in the overall landscape. Landscaping Shelton, TX experts recommend you ask for professional help to install correctly the boughs or the burlap.

3. Fences and Traps Are Important Extras

One might think that pests lie dormant in winter, especially in the freezing cold outside. However, lawn care Shelton, TX pros warn us that winter is the perfect time for rodents and other crawlers to have their ways in your garden. They usually attack the trees bark, shrub branches, all plants’ roots and especially veggies. To make sure no rodent feasts on your plants and flowers, install fences and traps. Trees need special care, so surround them with plastic tree guards as safety measures. You can also install rodent traps and repellents. You can ask for professional help to install these protective measures against pests and enjoy an uneventful winter.