Early Fall Preparations: 11 Steps to Implement

Veteran homeowners already know that early fall is not the season to ignore when it comes to lawn care and maintenance. On the contrary, this is the season to implement a full list of tasks and activities. They help you keep your lawn and landscape healthy and thriving during fall, and strong during winter. If you are a beginner in landscape management and sustainable fall lawn care, you are in luck. Our lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT experts are here with a short but comprehensive guide containing 11 main tasks you need to engage in this month.

  1. Soil Testing: You need to check the soil’s pH in order to verify the levels and make sure it is fertile, well-drained, and balanced.
  2. Soil Amendments: Our lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT experts can help you boost your soil’s health and properties with lime applications, which correct and maintain its acidity levels.
  3. Soil Aeration: Our lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT team will remove the soil plugs to relieve soil compaction, which allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to enter the ground.
  4. Overseeding: If your lawn presents dry or damaged patches of grass, you need to overseed these areas and make your entire lawn denser to become more resilient to pests, weeds, and diseases. Make sure you take into consideration crop rotations and grass mixes to make your lawn stronger and more resilient to pests, diseases, or weeds.
  5. Dethatching: Our team can remove dead grass from the lawn allowing new grass to grow.
  6. Mowing: You should raise your mower blades to allow grasses to grow taller in order to capture as much sunlight, air, and warmth they can.
  7. Irrigation: You need to irrigate your lawn starting this season, with an emphasis on evergreens. They need lots of water during September and October. Our local lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT team can help you implement a suitable lawn irrigation program to keep your lawn green, lush, healthy, and thriving.
  8. Fertilization and Weed Control: When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, early fall fertilization and weed control are mandatory. Your local team can implement a pre-emergent weed control program and make sure your entire lawn is safe against weeds. Either you need shrub fertilization or a more complex program to include your entire property, our team will implement a personalized plan to satisfy all needs.
  9. Mulching: When it comes to keeping your lawn and landscape safe and thriving, nothing compares to mulch. Our local lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT specialists can help you turn and refresh the organic mulch layers this season to ensure your lawn, flowerbeds, trees, shrubs, hedges, and vegetables stay in perfect shape all season long.
  10. Pest Control: Pests love this season, but you do not. This is why you need to implement a thorough pest control program to keep all creepy crawlies away from your beautiful grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, and edible crops. Our insect prevention and treatment program keeps your lawn free from ambitious pests.
  11. Landscape cleaning: You need to keep an eye on all fallen leaves, vegetal debris, dirt, rust, and other elements that might attract or entertain pests and diseases. Now it is time to blow off leaves, store all gardening tools and products, and keep your lawn and yard perfectly clean.

Our lawn care and maintenance Bethel CT specialists are ready to answer all your questions and requests, so feel free to ask them anything!