Lawn Care Specialists’ Guide on Preparation and Prevention

Summer is almost here and all homeowners need to be prepared to face a season full of activities and tasks to keep their lawns and landscapes picture perfect and healthy. There are a few specific lawn care issues you need to tackle now so you can see the results next month, so get your tools ready, as our lawn care Monroe, CT specialists have prepared a short guide for you on preparation and prevention.

1. Soil Core Aeration

Proper aeration allows the soil to drain, receive necessary oxygen and heat from sunrays, and get water and nutrients to properly sustain grasses and plants. Don’t delay this process and if you haven’t gotten to it yet call your lawn care Monroe, CT local experts to give you a hand. The better the aeration is performed, the higher the chances of your plants and flowers or turf to grow deep strong roots which help the lawn be more resilient to the upcoming hot season.

1. Mowing

If you own a property for quite some time now, you know the rule of thumb in mowing is to never cut the grass below its recommended mowing height – depending on the species you host. In summer it is not recommended to cut the grass below 3 to 4 inches. Make sure your lawn is mowed correctly by either hiring a landscaping Monroe, CT company or by requesting mowing advice from one. Every time you mow keep in mind that you shouldn’t cut more that 1/3 of the turf’s height in one session. Keep your mower blades perfectly sharpened and remember to change direction to not stress the lawn.

3. Watering

The rule of thumb when watering is to never water the lawn in the middle of the day as the heat will dry up the water. Also never water late in the evening as you basically invite fungal infections or diseases to develop. If you are new to lawn care and landscaping, talk to your local lawn care Monroe, CT experts to help you water correctly (in accordance to your soil type and grass species) or to install a landscape irrigation system on your property.

3. Fertilization and Weed Control

If you want to fertilize the soil now it is a good time, but always have an expert company to guide you or do it for you. Chemical substances clash with summer heat and may burn the grasses and the soil. Slow release substances are recommended to be used during summer, but they need to pe chosen and applied correctly. You should opt for organic fertilizers in order to keep the lawn healthy and unstressed, but hire a lawn care Monroe, CT team to fertilize the soil and keep weeds at bay.

5. Frequent Inspections

Always check your lawn, flowers, trees and vegetation for signs of pest or weed activity. No all pest and weed treatments are safe to be applied in summer as they can do more harm than good. You can pull weeds and use organic pest prevention methods, but it is safer to ask your lawn care Monroe, CT team to evaluate and intervene.