Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

  • Fertilization and Weed Control: Our highly experienced staff will treat your lawn with fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent or spot weed treatments. Our attention to detail will assure that with proper watering you will have the best kept lawn on the street.
  • Liming: Maintains the acidity level in your soil with our lime application.
  • Grub and Surface Insect Prevention and Treatment: We prevent against damaging insects that cause brown spots in your lawn and that require costly reseeding.
  • Lawn Aeration: Core aeration removes plugs of soil to relieve soil compaction, which allows oxygen, water and nutrients to enter the ground.
  • Dethatching: This service removes dead grass from the lawn allowing new grass to grow.
Lawn Care & Maintenance | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping
  • Lawn Renovation: Depending on lawn conditions, our experienced staff would recommend that your lawn be renovated by a variety of methods. Sliceseeding uses a machine that inserts seeds directly into the soil spaced symmetrically in lines to fill in an established lawn. Topdressing will spread a thin layer of organic material over your lawn area allowing new seed to germinate. We may also recommend sod or seeded lawn installation.
  • Ornamental Shrub Fertilization: We fertilize your bushes and shrubs so they are healthy and free from disease.
  • Tick Control: We treat wood line perimeter to reduce your chance of Lyme Disease by minimizing the number of ticks on your property.
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