Lawn Care Milford, CT Specialists’ Advice on Early Fall Activities

Just like early spring preparations are mandatory to ensure you a healthy, lush lawn all the way through the hot season, the early fall preparations are a must if you want your lawn and garden to stay healthy and safe during winter and thrive beautifully the next year. One might argue that early fall preparations are not necessary, but our lawn care Milford, CT specialists beg to differ: some tasks have to be implemented now and not later, as temperatures fall and winter will get its toll sooner or later. So let’s see some of the most important preparations you need to be doing starting now!

1. Soil Testing

You probably already tested the soil earlier this spring, but a second fall test is also mandatory. Summer was hot and long and now your soil may lack some nutrients or feature some pH imbalances. You need your local lawn care Milford, CT team to test the soil’s pH, nutrient levels, water needs, and drainage issues and so on. Once you learn exactly what your soil needs, you can use fertilizers and amendments to ensure its health.

2. Aeration

Another spring activity that needs to be repeated in fall, soil aeration is mandatory because it allows the remaining sunrays, water, oxygen and fertilizers to strengthen the roots’ systems of grasses and vegetation. If you have a list of soil nutrient deficiencies, make sure you correct them and prep the soil for the winter.

3. Higher Mowing

In fall you should raise your lawn mower blades at least ½ inches. The turf blades will grow taller for a couple months more and capture enough sun, air and nutrients to store for the winter. However, starting mid fall and late fall, you should not let your turf blades grow any taller, as you will encourage the formation of snow mold and the development of moist-loving fungi and diseases.

4. Lawn Reseeding

Surely after a hot summer you can see some bare or affected spots and areas all over your lawn. This means it is time to reseed those areas and make sure your lawn will grow dense and sparkling green next year. Have your lawn care Milford, CT specialists give you a hand with reseeding. Just make sure you give the newly planted seeds enough water and fertilizers to catch roots and grow strong before the first snowfall. Also, keep people and pets far from the reseeded areas as foot traffic is especially damaging right now.

5. Irrigation

If fall came together with rain, then irrigation isn’t a concern. But if it is still warm and there’s no significant rainfall, you should keep up with your irrigation plan to keep your vegetation moist and healthy. Evergreens need more water now as they have to keep their strength during winter.

6. Weed Control

If you are and adept of the pre-emergence weed control measures, then talk to your local lawn care Milford, CT experts to implement such a program for your property and keep daffodils and henbit or other early fall weeds from spreading. Of course, you can use organic fertilizers and weed control measures to minimize the chemicals’ impact on the plants and the environment.