Lawn Care Stratford, CT Horticulture Experts’ Two Cents on Epsom Salt

Some of our lawn care Bethel, CT colleagues already shed some light upon the making of compost, fast and easy, in the comfort of your backyard. As you know, the green and organic lawn care and gardening approach is of much interest nowadays. And since we talked about Epsom Salt in some previous occasions, now it is time to get a bit more into details. Our lawn care Stratford, CT pros have prepared a short instructions manual on the uses and benefits of Epsom Salt in the garden. After all, with their guidance, you can enjoy a healthy, lush and thriving lawn and garden all year long.

1. What Is Epsom Salt?

This is a naturally occurring mineral, rich in magnesium and sulfate. You can find it usually in drugstores and other types of shopping venues.

2. What Is It Good For?

Epsom Salt has been used for many years as a health remedy. Its properties turned it into a highly regarded beauty and cosmetic product. In the last years, it became an essential organic fertilizer for lawns and gardens.

3. What Should You Know Before Using Epsom Salt for Gardening?

Before using any type of organic fertilizer, the first thing to do is perform a soil test. Our lawn care Stratford, CT specialists can help you determine your soil’s pH, nourishment needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Epsom Salt is an incredibly useful and versatile fertilizer: can be used either in solutions or right as it comes out of the bottle. It can be sprayed onto foliage or used to water flowers, vegetables, turf, and trees.

4. What Are Its Main Benefits?

  • Flower blossoms: according to our lawn care Stratford, CT specialists Epsom Salt helps flowers yield healthier blossoms in stronger colors. Mix the salt into the soil when planting new flowers and spray with a salt / water solution every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Green foliage: if you see dry or curled trees’, plants’ shrubs and hedges’, vegetables’ and flowers’ leaves and foliage, spray them with an Epsom Salt solution once a month to keep leaves green and healthy.
  • Stronger grass: lawn care Westport, CT specialists recommend the use of Epsom Salt to help turf seeds germinate and grow strong, green blades. It also helps the roots go deep into the soil. Make your turf more resilient to weeds, pests, physical damage and mowing stress by spraying the lawn with an Epsom Salt solution once a month.
  • Sweeter tomatoes: spray tomatoes and water their soil with a solution of Epsom Salt. You will get bright red, large and very sweet tomatoes.
  • Lower transplant shock: water the soil with an Epsom Salt solution after you transplanted on it flowers, shrubs or trees. It will help the newly transplanted plants to grow stronger roots by boosting nutrients intake and chlorophyll production.

Our lawn care Stratford, CT horticulture specialists recommend you to consult with them before applying fertilizers to your lawn and garden. You should always take an educated decision when it comes to embracing an organic and eco-friendly lawn management approach.