Helpful Tips on Lawn Care Stratford Property Owners Should Know About

Any well-maintained lawn requires a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless the outcome can simply astound anyone passing by. However, in our efforts to create a perfect looking aspect for our lawn we sometimes overdo some tasks. By applying these simple lawn care Stratford, CT tips any lawn can become a perfect environment suitable for relaxation.

1. Taking Care of the Soil

The foundation for any well maintained lawn is the soil. By performing a soil test lawn maintenance Newtown, CT experts tell us that we can ideally choose what species of plants and grass we can have. Furthermore it will provide us detailed information on what type of fertilizer to use as well. An optimum pH level should range between 5 and 7. A soil test will also let us know how alkaline or acidic the soil is.

2. The Right Species of Grass and Plants

Another issue related to soil is the right species of plants and grass. Simply put some species of grass and plants are just unsuitable for CT’s climate. Some species thrive quite well in harsh conditions while other require lots of shade. That is why no matter how much we try if we plant and fertilize improper species the results will always be the same, they will not thrive.

3. What Sort of Fertilizers and Pesticides Should Be Used?

In order to avoid wasting time and money we should choose the optimum types of fertilizers and pesticides. To do this we must first test the soil, choose plants and grass species accordingly and only then aim for the best fertilizers and pesticides. First of all, we should read the products labels to see what conditions have to be met. If we choose synthetic fertilizers we must avoid damaging the lawn by evenly spreading the fertilizer. This is best done during the morning when the levels of moisture are the highest.

4. Adequate Watering

A common misconception especially during droughts is that we must soak the lawn in water. Shannon Landscaping lawn care Wilton, CT experts advise us to install deep watering systems. By doing so we provide directly to the roots of grass and plants. This in turn will enable them to grown sturdier roots capable of reaching underground water sources making them more resilient during droughts.

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