The 4 Harbingers of Heavenly Fragrance

“What is that mesmerizing smell coming from your yard?” your neighbor might ask, sniffing the air and clearly envying you for owning a secret treasure. “Why, that is the perfume of my scented flowers and garden plants”, you might answer terribly proud of your idea of incorporating fragrance into your landscape. If this dialogue doesn’t sound familiar to you, then it’s time to set things right. Our landscaping Fairfield, CT experts however recommend homeowners to think twice before they disregard fragrant plants. They not only complete a visually aesthetic landscape, but attract pollinators and beneficial insects, thus turning your property into a lush patch of paradise. Let’s see today five plants you should consider for achieving a fragrant yard and triggering all your neighbors’ envy.

1. Lilac

This gorgeous shrub blooms in early summer, offering you a full season of scents and beauty. The intoxicating and relaxing scent of lilac is a favorite in the perfume industry and for all good reasons (not to mention aromatherapy). Lilac can overgrow to some appreciable size and it may be hard to manage if you have a small garden, but there are some dwarf varieties coming in exquisite nuances of purples, pinks, whites, blues and red-violets. You can ask your landscaping Fairfield, CT specialists to help you plant and maintain lilac.

2. Garden Phlox

This perennial might steal the show from the other plants and flowers on your property, but you shouldn’t feel sorry about that. Garden Phlox is a symphony of color and scent (especially during those long sunny summer days). It blooms from mid to late summer and will definitely entice you with its spicy vanilla-clove scent. Older varieties are resilient to local diseases, while newer hybrids are resilient to a wider palette of infections. Your lawn care Fairfield, CT specialists can help you pick the perfect property spots to have Garden Phlox thrive and counsel you in its maintenance needs (which are little).

3. Oriental Lilly

You surely know that oriental lilies are some of the most powerfully scented ornamental bulbs in existence. They are the crowd favorite in flower shows and professional flower exhibitions, but you don’t have to be a competition-oriented gardener to enjoy their enchanting scent. Oriental Lilies bloom in mid to late summer and their surreal shades of whites, pinks and yellows come together with a fragrance the high-end industry of perfumery dies for. You can also enjoy their intoxicating fragrance indoors if you learn how to cut them without disrupting their growth.

4. Roses

Roses are America’s favorite flowers and they come in so many varieties, you will be surprised by how hard it will be to actually pick one or two for your garden. Some roses don’t smell at all, while others smell musky, fruity, and citrusy and so on. Growing and maintaining a rose garden is not always easy, but it is definitely worth a try. You can go for the old-time classics – the antique (or heirloom) roses – or you can adopt newer hybrids. The point is that roses completely change the looks of any garden with their majestic flowers, colors and scents.