Essential Tips Of Lawn Care Stratford, CT Residents Should Apply

Every property owner strives to obtain that lush, well-maintained lawn always shown in advertisements movies. While this does is not an impossible task to achieve on your own, it is essential to have some basic knowledge on lawn care. Otherwise, all the money, time, and effort might be spent with no notable result.

We have comprised a list containing some of the essentials of lawn care Stratford, CT residents should apply in order to attain their much desired lawn.


Watering is one of the areas where a lot of homeowners usually commit mistakes. Depending on your soil type, you should first make sure to choose a suitable type of grass. However, improper watering might damage it, so you should pay much attention to this aspect.

External factors like city and climate are important, yet the rule of thumb states that grass usually require one weekly inch of water. This means that daily watering would be a mistake. Instead, you should water infrequently, but deeply. Doing otherwise will only increase the risk of diseases and pests invasions. The ideal watering routine would consist of one or two sessions a week, performed during early morning.


Before purchasing fertilizers, it is essential to know what nutrients your soil lacks. Unless you provide the necessary nutrients, the whole process will be just an environmentally-harmful waste of money. This is the reason you should perform a soil test before using fertilizers.

Once you know which the nutrients your soil needs are, you can proceed to the actual task, making sure to follow the instructions accordingly.

Also, the type of grass influences the time of the year when fertilizing must be undergone. In case of cool-season Northern grasses, the proper time would be September, while for warm-season Southern grasses, June is the most appropriate time to apply fertilizers.


Although it may seem like an easy task, mowing does require specialist knowledge too. There are many lawn problems that can be attributed to improper mowing.

It is most essential to never cut off more than a third of the grass’s height. The growth speed of the grass will dictate how often you will need to mow. Still, during the peak of its growth, you should perform mowing every 4-5 days. On the other hand, during the slowdown of the growth, you can mow every 8 to 10 days. Following this schedule will prevent the stressing of the grass. Always remember to only mow your lawn when it is dry.

Additionally, make sure to check the sharpness of your mower’s blades.

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