Essential Tips for Lawn Care Fairfield, CT Residents Should Know

Whether we talk about a large estate or a small traditional house a lawn can improve the aesthetics of the property. However, a properly maintained lawn can take much of our time. But by applying these simple tips lawn care Fairfield, CT residents can save both time and effort. We all know that a beautiful lawn can massively improve both the value of the property and our lifestyles.

1. Performing a Soil Test

Before even considering what type of lawn or plants to have, lawn care Fairfield, CT specialists tell us to first perform a soil test. This will let us know exactly what fits onto the soil. By knowing how acidic or alkaline the ground is we can choose the best plants and grass to have. Therefore we can save a lot of time and money beforehand by knowing what the soil needs and what it can grow on it.

2. Making a Budget

After learning what our soil is composed of we can continue by setting up a budget. If for example the lawn is too big to maintain on a tight budget we can decrease its size. By installing flower beds using perennial plants that use less water we can improve the aesthetic appeal. So the maintenance cost decreases.

3. Keeping a Journal

Although it might seem as a far-fetched idea this tip can actually save us time and money. Issues raised by growth, weather and pests are sometimes hard to keep track of. By monitoring exactly what methods have or have not worked, we can choose the best solution for our lawns. This will prevent us from spending too much money and time with no results. By noting down the problem we can determine if the solving methods will be applicable or not.

4. Providing Water

Shannon Landscaping lawn care Westport, CT experts tell us that providing water to lawns and plants can be very costly if not done properly. Think about this scenario: we watered the lawn every day and yet it still starts having that yellowish/brownish color. This may be due to the fact that water is not going where it should be. Installing a deep watering system, this precious resource will reach the roots. By doing so we ensure that grass and plants grow deeper and sturdier roots are able to find other underground water sources. This will make them more resilient especially during warm seasons.

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