Paint in Red: Landscaping Shelton CT Experts on Bright-Red Maples

When it comes to landscaping, there is nothing better than mighty trees used for shade, privacy, accent corners or garden angles, lawn centerpieces, and so on. This is the perfect season to think about transplanting some trees to your landscape to spice it up and give it a vibrant, lush, and gorgeous boost of beauty. And since all shades of red go amazingly well with your sparkling green turf and the blue sky above, our landscaping Shelton CT experts picked up three bright-red trees to think about if you want to revamp your property, accent it, and make it more colorful and luxurious.

1. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

While this tree can grow to a full 15 feet height, you can ask your landscaping Shelton CT specialists to trim and prune it to your desired size. This Japanese maple can be turned into a focal piece of your front yard or back garden. Usually, landscape designers use the Bloodgood in large pots to accent house corners or angles. The tree is suitable also to smaller patios or front lawns, small yards, entry ways, accents or as property dividers.

As maintenance is concerned, the Bloodgood Japanese Maple grows in both full sun and partial shade, making it a wise and practical choice for your landscape. It needs little maintenance but it will put up a show for you, as its burgundy leaves will turn bright red in autumn. The scarlet foliage resists almost all year long, not just for a few weeks in the cold season.

2. Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

These trees aren’t bothered by car exhaust, diseases, pests, or extreme weather phenomena. They can handle ice damage and high winds, almost all types of soils and a very wide range of climates and weather conditions. A true people stopper, this maple variety grows tall very fast, doesn’t drop seed pods, boasts a uniform, pleasing shape, makes a minimal mess when leaves fall in autumn and keeps everybody entertained with its bright red fall foliage.

This is a perfect tree if you want to create unique and breath-taking property dividers or accent certain areas of your landscape. Their resilience and sturdiness makes them excellent street-border trees used by municipalities. If you are inclined towards sustainable landscaping, you should consider adding this tree to your property: its maintenance is a breeze and it will stand almost all environmental issues with no help.

3. American Red Maple Tree

The last maple on the list is the famous American red maple tree, a regular bright-red guest on properties in this area. This is a very popular shade tree (used for patios, decks, front yards etc) that stands out by its all-red life cycle: red flowers in early spring, red twigs in summer, red fruit, and red foliage in autumn. Another perfect example of sustainable landscaping, this amazing tree can thrive in all types of soil and all weather conditions (quite tolerant to drought as well). It also fares well in urban environment, being chosen by municipalities for its resilience to urban pollution. It can also stand against pests and diseases with little human support.

If you are interested to add such trees on your property, talk to your landscaping Shelton CT specialists and follow their recommendations.