Lawn Care Redding, CT Expert Tips: Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal!

Increasing a property’s curb appeal with a decent amount of money for a good profit may seem pretty hard, especially in our present economy. However, realtors and lawn care Redding, CT specialists have a few tips and tricks down their sleeves. While a good plumbing system or a smart electrical one are truly convincing, it’s the lawn and landscape which seal the deal eventually. Our lawn care Redding, CT experts, together with some of their landscaping Bethel, CT specialists are willing to share their ideas with you today.

1. Lawn and Landscape Revamping

If you want your prospect buyers to jump at the opportunity, then prepare your lawn, landscape, and garden a few months in advance. They won’t buy dry turf, curled tree leaves, untrimmed bushes or hedges, weedy areas or pest-affected vegetables. Call a lawn care Redding, CT team to help you with dethatching, aeration, overseeding, bush or tree trimming, lawn mowing, flower planting, neat clean-ups, fertilization, weed, and pest control. Your lawn should be sparkling green, buzzing with life, a symphony of flower color and healthy, thriving vegetation.

2. Landscape Irrigation

Being an infrastructure type of investment, a smart, sturdy and reliable irrigation system should definitely boost your property’s curb appeal. Ask your landscape Redding, CT experts to install (or repair) sprinklers and smart irrigation solutions. Achieve this before people start visiting the property.

3. Landscape Features

There are some pretty interesting additions to your lawn, garden and overall landscape which significantly boost the curb appeal and have a great ROI. For instance, you can add a fire pit in the back yard, an above-ground pond, a deck or some landscape lighting installations such as garden lamps or LED bulbs. You can also think about retaining walls, new fences, new (or repaired) driveway or garden pathways. Hardscapes are essential for looks and utility and you can either fix the old ones to look like new, or add pavers, gravel, cobblestone, curbstone and Belgium blocks to build new ones.

4. Garden Additions

Besides your flower beds and ornamental shrubs, ask your lawn care Redding, CT experts to plant some scented herbs, spices, and even vegetables. You can create a special garden for them or add containers and pots. Whoever is interested in eating organic and freshly harvested crops will be very happy to find an edible garden in the back yard.

5. Lawn Care Redding, CT Experts

You may lure your prospect buyers with a refreshed, lush and valuable property, but they will surely consider the option of having to take care of everything after they move in. From lawn mowing to fire pit maintenance and irrigation or lighting repairs, seasonal activities and garden work, there are plenty of care and maintenance jobs to be done on a property. Many might not have the time, knowledge or patience to work their future lawns and gardens. Ease their minds and recommend them the lawn care Redding, CT specialists you have been working with. It will be good for them to know that their property also comes together with a team to take care of it in the future.