Affordable Lawn Care Bridgeport, CT Solutions for Home Owners

A well-maintained lawn can often drain a lot of resources. Both time and money are commodities sparser and sparser nowadays. Nevertheless, a beautiful lush lawn can be achieved with low investments. Lawn care Bridgeport, CT experts share their insights gained through years of experience on how to achieve a highly aesthetic lawn with little time and money to spare.

1. Use Fertilizers Accordingly

Lawn fertilizing Bridgeport, CT professionals advise us to first perform a soil test. This will not only let us know what grass and plants we can have but also what fertilizers we should apply. Alkaline, acidic and pH levels are tested to get a better image on what is the best course of action. Thus money is being saved by not having to replant and reapply other types of fertilizers. This is due to the fact that we know beforehand what the soil can sustain. An optimum pH level should range between 5 and 7%.

2. Preventing Pests from Appearing

It is also important to know what species of plants and grass to have for some might attract pests. Pests can pose serious health and safety risks for both the property and the family. By knowing what types of flowers and grass to plant we can prevent them from appearing. For example there are species of shrubs and plants with a lovely fragrant that are natural repellants for such pests. Not only that, but they greatly improve the aesthetics of the property.

3. Size of the Lawn

The size of the lawn can greatly determine the maintenance cost. If you are working with a tight budget a good idea is to plant perennial flowers. According to Shannon Landscaping Monroe, CT trained specialists a flower bed consisting of perennial flowers and hardy shrubs can lead to water savings. In turn by using less water we also see an improvement in the water bills.

4. Tall Grass

In order to save water and money more and more home-owners choose to have taller grass. This is especially effective during dry months. Tall grass needs less water while staying green for a longer time. An optimal height would be around 3 inches high.

These lawn care tips are brought to you by Shannon Landscaping, your lawn care experts. Still have questions about proper lawn maintenance? If you are in need of help or want to learn more our lawn care services are available in Fairfield, Milford, Trumbull, Stratford, Westport, Bridgeport, Monroe, Shelton, Newtown, Wilton, Easton, Redding, Weston, Bethel, CT and surrounding areas. Simply give us a call at: 203-375-8240.