6 Landscaping Westport, CT Activities to Color up Your Property

Color is perhaps the most interesting element on a beautifully landscaped property. Beyond the sparkling green turf, beyond majestic tree crowns and lush hedges and shrubs, color, in all its forms and shapes, is the main highlight of any lawn and garden. You can color your property in all areas – front lawn, back yard, decks and patios to achieve a full property upgrade and turn it into a real work of art. Our landscaping Westport, CT experts present six such simple methods of playing with color on your property to turn it into the hottest and most envied one in the entire neighborhood.

1. Plant New Turf and Grasses

Do a soil test first and then have your lawn care Westport, CT team overseed and plant turf in different shades of green and in interesting patterns. You can opt for a striped front lawn and designs to resemble chess tables, concentric circles, curved lines, polka dots, honeycomb patterns and so on. Mixing light green grasses with dark green grasses adds texture, color and contrast to your property.

2. Plant New Flowers

Flowers are the best and easiest way to add color to your landscape. Choose ones that blossom progressively so you can enjoy a symphony of colors and scents all year long. Add flower beds or flower rows, turn them into pathways and patio borders, create container gardens, add them in colored pots or use them to accent stairs, kiosks or garden fountains.

3. Add New Trees

Trees can color up a landscape in many ways: some feature surreal flower colors during spring or summer, others sport stupendous foliage in autumn. Some trees even display breathtaking branches and bark hues during winter, so you can’t go wrong with trees. They create shade, offer privacy spaces, enhance some corners of the property and can become a part of an outdoor’s space architecture.

4. Plant Edibles

Vegetables and scented herbs and spices not only bring lush yummy colors to your property but have the great benefit of making your life better. You may go for red sparkling tomatoes or peppers, green or yellow bell peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and zucchini and so on. Scented herbs like basil, rosemary, mint, lavender and even dandelions make awesome additions to your garden, kitchen, and herbal remedies cabinet.

5. Build Hardscapes

Combine color, texture, depth and contrast with functionality! You may want to fully revamp your property by adding cobblestone walkways, river stone decorative elements, wooden decks, red bricks patios, textured retaining stones, marble floors, stone water fountains, garden statues, glass and steel privacy walls and even some rattan furniture pieces for your new outdoor living room.

6. Bring in the Life

Life itself is colored and full of joy. Allow beneficial insects and pollinators to protect and accompany your flowers, trees and vegetables. Bees, butterflies, ladybugs are going to add not only color but movement and buzz to your property. Install bird feeders at a safe distance and have your garden chirp with joy all year long.

Ask your landscaping Westport, CT experts for their assistance and turn your property into a colored lively ecosystem to feel like a Paradise corner!