5 Property Makeover Ideas for this fall

Some might argue that people don’t have to move a finger when it comes to fall landscaping and revamping, because fall is a natural painter and artist covering everything in a symphony of color, scent and movement. But beyond bright shades and tantalizing fragrances, a beautiful property can be revamped and have some tweaks made to become even more beautiful and functional. You don’t need to make tremendous efforts to spice things up this season: our landscaping Shelton, CT experts have some makeover ideas you can consider implementing from now on!

1. Add Outdoor Lamps

You may have some garden lamps or some low voltage illumination sources for the garden pathways or the driveway, but outdoor lighting can be turned into a true work of art, adding plenty of functionality and safety to your property. Install built-in paver lights to make stairs friendlier and safer; have some hanging lights above the sitting area on the porch or the patio; embellish the trees with hanging lights or retro lamps and so on. You can also use colored lights to better define spaces and have some contrast all around the property.

2. Build a Fire Pit

Adding value to the property, a fire pit can be used as a focal point to draw the whole landscape together. However, the importance of a fire pit resides in more than its looks – it is a highly functional landscape element that will make your fall and winter nights a true pleasure. Offering warmth, intimacy and plenty of opportunities to spend some free time with friends and family around a comforting fire, the fire pit is an essential addition to any property. Ask your landscaping Shelton, CT experts for their help to build you a fire pit just the way you dream it.

3. Play with Colored Hardscape Elements

A turquoise-painted wooden bench, an orange planter, bright red flower pots, brightly colored buckets or baskets can add the exact amount of colorful surprise you will enjoy every time you step out of the house. With a bit of some outdoor paint and some imagination you can create an oasis of beauty and everlasting surprise.

4. Install Groundcovers

Besides adding pops of color with the help of hardscape elements, you can also “paint” the landscape on larger areas with groundcovers. If you are into natural ones, have your landscaping Shelton, CT specialists plant the ground-hugging cranberry cotoneaster – its tiny bright red fruits are a feast for the eyes. You can also add layers of harder mulch (made of shredded fallen leaves, wood and bark chips and so on) or you can use a mix of cobblestone, marbles and even glass beads to spice up the place.

5. Create Even More Spaces

Fall is the perfect time to build you even more outdoor spaces that you will fully enjoy in winter and especially next spring. Wind barriers are a must from a practical point of view: they protect the trees and the vegetation from winds and blizzards. Revamp your spaces by adding privacy walls to give the illusion of small outdoor living rooms, build a vertical garden to have herbs and spices and even add retaining walls or garden kiosks.