5 Mistakes You Should Avoid making this fall

We already discussed the lawn and landscape preparations you need to engage in this fall in order to keep your vegetation healthy, strong, and thriving. However, many forget that landscaping is more than trimming trees and mowing the lawn. The “hard” side of landscaping – as opposed to the soft side of it – also needs your attention, especially this time of year. Today, our landscaping Shelton CT experts are here to talk to you about five common landscaping mistakes people make.

Don’t Forget about the House

You may be on schedule with the aeration and overseeding or with the bulb-planting strategy of having glorious new flowers next spring. Nevertheless, your house, garden sheds, hardscape elements, outdoor buildings, and garage are also part of the same landscape. Most people tend to their vegetation completely forgetting about some major tasks: paint the exterior of your house, fix the siding, paint the outdoor sheds and structures, and renovate everything that is broken or damaged. Your house exterior color and décor is an essential part of the overall landscape, and it can make or break the most exquisite of designs.

One essential thing you need to understand here is that early fall repairs and renovations do not only make things more beautiful and appealing, they also keep you safe from pests, rodents, and other threats to your house and outdoor structures.

Don’t Forget about Hardscapes

Many people think that fall puts a stop to all landscape work and enhancement. However, this is the best time to integrate an outdoor fire pit on the property, build a deck, extend the terrace, renovate a retaining wall, build a water element, and so on. Our landscaping Shelton CT experts can offer you a wide range of landscape building solutions and services to beautify your property, make it more functional and increase its curb appeal.

Don’t Forget about Tidiness

We said this before, but we will say it again: now it is the time to implement a thorough cleaning schedule. Just because the leaves are beautifully colored, this does not mean you should not rake the lawn or blow the leaves off the driveway. Excess fallen leaves can hide sidewalk or walkways that need repairs or can get wet and becomes slippery for cars and pedestrians.

Don’t Forget about Landscape Lighting

You may have a landscape lighting system on your property, but is it ready for the shorter days, dark mornings, and winter? Our landscaping Shelton CT specialists can assess your existing landscape lighting, fix and repair it, or install new light elements all around the property. You may need a better-lit driveway, porch, outdoor backyard room, or garden pathways. If you are on schedule with lawn and vegetation preparations, make sure you start thinking about installations as well.

Don’t Forget about Other Fixtures and Installations

It is a good time to think about installing new things on your property or fix/winterize the existing ones. Our landscaping Shelton CT pros remind you to keep in mind the following:

  • Keep your pool clean and properly maintained
  • Fix your irrigation system and prepare it for winter
  • Install anti-ice smart systems for your stairs, terrace, driveway, front yard, roof, and the most used pathways.

For more information on landscape preparations this season, talk to our local landscaping Shelton CT experts’ team to make an assessment and implement a few projects with both aesthetic and functional purposes.