Expert Lawn Care Wilton, CT Residents Should Be Aware About

Wilton, CT residents are about to get a great boost in their battle for perfect front yards: Shannon Landscaping is now in town, and our over 100 years combined experience and tradition as family-run business since 1987 will become essentially suited for your needs.

Here are some pieces of wisdom which our lawn maintenance experts have carved up for you, combined with modalities in which we can also help you out:

1) Patience makes perfect

Lawn Care Wilton CT | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

Regarding overall grass work schedule, you should remember that extensive work on the lawn’s aspect should only be after grass restarts its regenerative cycle (mostly when the weather turns warm). Doing so outside of this might damage it; we at Shannon Landscaping will calculate the best time-scaling for this work before execution.

2) Dethatching timing is key

Dethatching is one generally overused procedure, which would be most efficient if done at a certain time. That time is around the middle of the spring, as the soil has probably thawed and the grass roots are fortified enough to resist the blades of any dethatching machine. We include dethatching services in our list and guarantee the greenest lawn possible after applying them.

3) Weed control is paramount

Many get stuck at getting rid of weeds; sometimes the solution might be just to pull them out manually, other times a more extensive treatment is required. In any case, choosing the right product isn’t that easy, so why not let us do it? We will analyze your soil extensively to figure out which herbicides it reacts best to without being damaged; no more weeds will trouble your beautiful lawn after that.

4) Overwatering is a sin

Stop watering your lawn every day! We can’t stress it more than that. Overwatering has mostly negative effects with lawns as it has with many plants; it can end up damaging the roots or the humidity could even lead to pest infestation. Water it once or twice per week, in early morning; or better, leave it to us. We will build a perfect watering routine for all your soil’s needs.

5) Sharpen the mower blades

Many people also forget to sharpen their mower blades; this is another thing which should not be skipped. Not having them sharp will damage the lawn and also provide an uneven cut, mostly unaesthetic by any means. Parts of your lawn’s top will also change color – a sign that you’re not mowing it properly. But ask for our services and we will bring top-notch equipment for mowing; you will save a lot of time and won’t have to worry about the quality of your mower’s blades.

Satisfaction GuaranteeThese are just some of the tips we can provide you with; we have a long list of services including Landscape Design, Weed Control, Lawn Fertilization, Bed Maintenance (Plant Fertilization, Weeding, Mulching, Pruning, Edging), Patios Installation, Retaining Walls, Belgium Block Installation, Fire Pits Maintenance and many more to choose from. Our passion for lawn care is only surpassed by our continued professionalism in it.