Professional Lawn Care – Westport, CT

Lawn Care Westport CT | Shannon Lawn & LandscapingWestport, CT residents should have no more worries when it comes to lawn maintenance – Shannon Landscaping is now in town. We have a tradition of offering top quality lawn care since 1987 – and the initially family-driven business has evolved into a professional group that values experience and respect for every customer’s desires.

Why You Should Work With Us

We at Shannon Landscaping offer you a full package of lawn maintenance options; you no longer need to use the services of many different companies to also have complete pest control and irrigation installation, for example. This builds up into a more cohesive overall service and will also be more time efficient for you; as multiple services can be done over the course of one session from our experts.

We provide high quality trained experts into all that vast array of options – they will bring high safe to use equipment and we are also fully insured in case any unexpected accidents occur. Shannon Landscaping employees have years of experience within the company – we value continuity above everything else and that translates both into quality based work. We also try to “inflict” this upon our customers – we would like to keep you one for life and offer the same consistency in lawn work overall.

Our Lawn Care Westport CT Services

Among the array of services we offer are the following: Weed Control, Landscape Design, Lawn Fertilization, Bed Maintenance, High-end Lawn Mowing, Fencing, Dethatching, Retaining Walls, Aeration, Deck Installation, Belgium Block Installation, Fire Pit Maintenance, Spring Cleanups, Commercial Maintenance, Landscape Lighting Maintenance, Irrigation System Installation, Fall Cleanups, Pond Installation, Landscape Lighting Installation, Irrigation System Maintenance, Pergolas Installation. This is only a tentative list – for the full list with its according prices please check with your local Shannon Landscaping office.

But if you’re not convinced, here are the top three extra reasons to use our services:

  1. The emphasis on full scale front yard maintenance. Providing virtually all services possible for your outside property, it’s both easier for you and for the overall maintenance of your lawn. Besides the high amount of options you can put into one single bill – which can also be set for direct debit on the basis of your commodity – you will also get the same level of overall great quality in all of them.
  2. Our workplace culture helps ensure adequate ethics towards our customer and their possessions. You will not need worry about getting schemed – our employees are tracked around the clock and will wear distinctive uniforms so you can easily recognize them. They will also familiarize with your property in time and know exactly its status and what should be done.
  3. We are always open towards email customer support, and have a telephone line available during business hours. We consider customer feedback paramount to our success – and so we try to shape our services around your needs, and a big part of that is the quality customer support that we provide. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re not heard, rest assured that we are fully committed to receiving customer feedback with the utmost attention.