Reasons for which Shannon Landscaping Is the Best in Weston CT Lawn Care

Lawn Care Weston CT | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

Shannon Landscaping has now made its extensive lawn maintenance services available for residents of Weston, CT; and we guarantee you that our 28 years of continuous experience in the field make us the best choice for your front yard needs. Here are 10 reasons to back this affirmation:

1. Full landscape maintenance package

We offer a vast array of services that not only cater to lawn care, but in fact to the wider specter of front yard works. Whether it is fencing, Belgium block installation, fertilization, irrigation system installation and maintenance, pond installation or many others, our expertly trained employees will offer it at guaranteed a high level of quality, and all in the less time consuming and most cohesive manner possible.

2. Great customer support

Our domain is one in which customer satisfaction is one of the biggest indicators of whether you’re doing right or wrong – and so feedback becomes essential to our business plan. You can contact us by e-mail at any hour with the promise of the promptest possible response, and we also have a phone line open during business hours. Our customer support team will work with you to resolve any problem or complaint that might appear in a way that doesn’t leave the customer hanging, like many other companies do.

3. Same team year to year, a more cohesive experience

We also think that one of the keys towards maintaining this level of quality is keeping our employees on board on a yearly basis. This not only assures the fact that experience is kept within our organization, but we will also promote a company culture of ethics and quality in our work. Moreover, this means that should you require services over a longer range of time, you will probably find the same personnel that applied them the first time around – so not only will we send you people you’re already accustomed with, but they are also familiar with your property and its overall state and know exactly what and where to look for.

4. Easy to spot employees with non-stop tracking

We also have thought about every possibility which may occur when you open your property up to strangers. The cases in which people were schemed by apparent lawn maintenance personnel aren’t that far apart. To avoid situations like this, we deploy some efficient counter measure. Firstly, we ensure that our employees, vehicles and equipment are visibly marked with our distinctive logo and uniforms; don’t trust any people saying they’re with us if they don’t have them. Then, we are also tracking our employees 24/7 and will tell you each and every time they visited your property, including times when you were away from home.

Best of the CityThese are just some of the best reasons you could have to choose our services. Speaking of which, here’s a list of some of the services that we provide (for a full list check our website): Landscape Design, Lawn Fertilization/Weed Control, Bed Maintenance , Spring Cleanups Patios, Pond Installation, Retaining Walls, Belgium Block Installation, Landscape Lighting Maintenance, Irrigation System Installation, Irrigation System Maintenance, Lawn Mowing and much more.