Shannon Landscaping Provides the Best Lawn Care – Stratford CT Residents Have Access To

Shannon Landscaping is a family owned company which has been operating for almost three decades. During this interval we have set as our main goal to provide our customers with the best quality money can afford when it comes to lawn maintenance. We want each customer we pick up to stay with us for as long as possible; we guarantee the highest quality services suited specifically for all of your front yard needs.

We have a versatile program that offers a full array of services; normally, to have access to all of them, you would need to hire out the likes of two or three different companies. From pest control to irrigation, from professional lawn mowing to fertilization, we really do it all. We will even monitor the status of your lawn after applying our services to ensure the overall and lasting quality; we strive to maintain the same excellency in services as we always have.

Our Lawn Care Stratford CT Services

Lawn Care Stratford CT | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

Here’s a tentative list of some of the services we offer: Landscape Design & Installation, Irrigation System Installation, Bed Maintenance (Plant Fertilization, Pruning, Weeding, Edging, Mulching), Patios, Lawn Fertilization/Weed Control, Retaining Walls and fire pits maintenance, Fencing, Pond Installation Belgium, Block Installation, Landscape Lighting Maintenance, Deck Installation Commercial Maintenance, Curbstone, Irrigation System Maintenance, Fall Cleanups, Lawn Mowing, Spring Cleanups, Landscape Lighting Installation or aeriation. Please check with our website or your local Shannon Landscaping office for a full list of services and prices.

We guarantee over one hundred percent dedication and professionalism in our work; besides the experience of our employees, they are also advised to use proper etiquette; they will be on YOUR property after all. We also have 24/7 customer services that is guaranteed to be highly responsive to your needs; Shannon Landscaping values a consumer driven experience over everything else. Satisfaction GuaranteeAnd of course, if it somehow happens that our services are not up to the promised quality, we will redo everything for no cost, just to show our commitment towards your lawn.

We will also offer you advice; one of our other goals refers to raising awareness about proper lawn maintenance. Here are some tips and trick about this:

1) Don’t overdo it

Intensive lawn work can easily damage the grass or the soil; it is best you do any work on your lawn after the grass starts to grow again. Patience is a virtue, and lawn maintenance is no stranger to this saying

2) Don’t forget to cut those pesky weeds

Weed control is an important part of keeping your lawn decently looking. But before you dip into using products that will prevent weeds from sprouting, you should try to do it in the old fashioned style of pulling them out manually, and only if their number starts to grow resort to these products that could potentially prove to be damaging for your soil.

3) Don’t overwater

Overwatering is a thing that many amateur lawn owner tend to do, and is one of the most harmful things for the grass growing process. It might even lead to pest infestation of damage to the grass roots. Try stepping on your grass; if the blades you stepped on won’t raise immediately, your yard needs watering.