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Heads up Shelton, CT residents – your lawn problems will soon become obsolete. Shannon Landscaping are expanding into you area – and our twenty eight years of experience in the field is probably just what you need. We, as a company, strive to achieve a culture of professionalism and respect, while also maintaining a constructive relation with our customers – and also ensure that we become the best option in terms of quality on the market.

What makes us different from the next guy is the full gamma of front yard maintenance jobs we offer. You are going to choose between options resembling a full array of works directed towards outside property from one single company – instead of maybe having to opt for multiple companies for different jobs, such as irrigation installation or weed control. We do guarantee a top notch service, but just in case this fails to happen for any reason, we will remake the chosen service free of charge.

Why Our Lawn Care Shelton CT Services Are The Best

Lawn Care Shelton CT | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

Choose Shannon Landscaping as your landscaper because we can set up of the full package of services in your yard. We are one of the most general contractors when it comes to outdoor services – but we still maintain the constant high quality throughout it all. So there’s no need to entangle yourself with different companies which each could only fertilize, cut, provide redesigning, or maintenance of your irrigation or lighting systems. We can do all of this. This means that our trained experts will only be on your property several times per month monitoring the condition of your landscape to make sure of the quality of our work.

The turnover rate of our employees is near zero, so each year you will find that the same people you already got accustomed with will show up at your home again. There is a big advantage in this, in that they start to get accustomed to your property. We will expertly know where the faulty areas will be in your lawn during various times throughout the year. We will take care that nothing is lost/damaged in the process. We know everything about your soil and lawn: when the perfect time of the year is to apply lawn treatments considering such factors as weather conditions and mowing schedule. This also gives us an advantage over other larger companies where different personnel will come to work on your property each time.

Our employees are very experienced in this field of work: in total throughout the company, we boast over 120 years of experience. Best of the CityOur high standards of excellence, determination and attention to detail will make us to surpass any expectations at the final rapport. Driving around neighborhoods in other towns we service will have your stuck on certain properties, which are singled out by a beautiful lawn and maintained plantings. We are confident enough to say that in most of these cases you’re witnessing the work of Shannon Landscaping employees.