The Best in Professional Lawn Care, Redding, CT

Lawn Care Redding CT | Shannon Lawn & LandscapingResidents of Redding be advised: there’s a new lawn maintenance company setting step in town– and we’re here to stay. Shannon Landscaping has built a reputation of offering quality yard maintenance starting with 1987 – when it started as a family-driven local business, which has grown over time into a professional multi-state company that values the customer’s vision over everything else.

This is achieved by offering our customers a great all-around package comprised of services that cater to any aspect of front yard customization and maintenance; the kind of which you would usually need to hire a couple of different companies. Now you can have only one doing tasks ranging from fertilization to pond installation, which in turn up makes for a more consistent overall service consuming less of your time.

This Is How Expert Lawn Care Redding CT Looks Like

Our personnel are trained for a vast array of front yard jobs and also use top notch equipment – regularly checked to avoid the possibility of malfunctions or accidents. But in the highly unlikely case they will occur, we are fully insured so getting compensation will prove to be easy. The fact that most of them are serving with us for years also instills a company culture and ensures that we have a proper database regarding the area – it is most likely that if you ask for our services on a seasonal basis, we will send the same people which visited you the first time and are already accustomed to your lawn.

They will also show you the best tips and tricks in maintaining the lawn of your dreams – and you’d be surprised how many times these relate to details every lawn owner think they’re getting right. For example, let’s take watering here. Watering your lawn daily could actually have detrimental effects to you – such as stressing the grass or causing pests to run rampant around it. Notch it down a bit to once or twice a week during mornings and you’ve nailed the best watering routine.

And for the sake of diversity, here are a couple of samples of services that we offer:

Pond installation – ever thought that a pond would be a great addition to your yard, but always shuddered at the thought of trying to make on yourself and botching it up? We can install it for you in no time; just be sure to be certain about its aspect and design, and we will do the best to make it happen.

Weed control – getting rid of weeds can be a messy business and it might not always work for you, and expensive herbicides might also risk damaging your lawn. Leave it all to us – we’ll analyze your grass and soil composition so that we choose the least harmful products for your lawn and guarantee a weed-free lawn after just a couple of sessions.

We also provide options such as irrigation system installation and maintenance, fencing, dethatching, Belgium block installation and many more – literally, the options are mostly limited to your creativity when it comes to our services.