Great Tips for Lawn Care in Newtown CT

Gardening tips are not only for amateurs – they are actually an important part of raising awareness about common problems which plague most lawn. Luckily for Newton, CT residents, their lawn care will now be available at professional level under the auspices of Shannon Landscaping. As a move to show our commitment towards lawn care and our possible future customers, we will offer you for free a list of tips comprised by our experts that should get your lawn onto the right track:

When to use fertilizers

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Fertilizers are a tricky business, more so than it might appear; their successful use is reliant on whether you manage to buy those ones that encompass the nutrients that your soil lacks. Failing to do so will end up in it being a waste of budget and time; and it could even result into more infertile effects for your lawn’s soil. Performing a soil test is the best option for finding out the nutritive composition of your terrain; buy a quality fertilizer which fills the gaps in it, then proceed cautiously using it according to the instructions.

Each type of grass also has a specific time of the year which is more appropriate for fertilization. Northern grasses will react best to September fertilization, while warmer Southern ones should best be fertilized during June. Knowing in detail everything about the grass you have will save you a lot of time and effort which could be wasted otherwise.

How to Water Your Lawn

It’s surprising that a large amount of yard owners still get this wrong. Improper watering can have consequences ranging from mild to dire; besides the possibility of your lawn dying out, it can also be the cause for pest infestations.

Each and every lawn has different preferences when it comes to watering, which are based on factors such as area and climate. Connecticut residents can safely rely on the rule which says that each blade would need to get just about one inch of water every week. You should take watering out of your daily schedule if it is there; instead, you’re probably going to want to do it on a more infrequent schedule, possibly once or twice a week depending on the availability of your schedule.

How to properly mow your lawn

Always remember that the lawnmower’s blades should be sharpened before starting the mowing, else you’ll get a non-uniform cut throughout your garden. The lawn mower should also be set to cut not more than one third of the blade’s height, else you are going to hamper its regenerative process.

Best of the CityLuckily, all of these services are included in our catalogue, along with many others such as irrigation system installation and maintenance, belgium block installation, pond installation, fencing and many more all-around routines concerning your front yard. So if you find yourself in difficulty of executing these chores properly (or if results still don’t pan out the way you expect them to) then don’t hesitate to contact us.