The Best Lawn Care Monroe, CT Residents Will Ever See

Residents passionate about lawn care in Monroe, CT should pay attention now – Shannon Landscaping are making their services available in town. We have made a tradition out of giving our customers top quality lawn maintenance starting with 1987 – and that initially family-driven venture is now a full-on group of professionals which values experience and respects every customer’s desires.

We offer you some of the highest quality trained experts for a wide array of options – they will bring equipment which has undergone revision and is safe to use; at the same time we are insured in case of the occurrence of any unexpected accidents. Shannon Landscaping employees have years of experience in garden keeping– we put a high emphasis on continuity at employee level, which in turn will result into a high quality service. One of our goals is also to rub this off upon our customers –as we strive to keep them for life while offering a great level of consistency in lawn care.

Our Lawn Care Monroe CT Quality Standards

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All of our vehicles, equipment and employees are branded with our business logo to be easily recognizable, so that you may not fall for any scam plot; we can also guarantee you that the probability of accidents happening on our behalf is minimal, as we ensure that our equipment is both fully functional and clean before using it. The employee’s uniform is easy to identify – boasting built-in reflectors to be used in the case of night work being necessary. We keep constant tracking on our employees; if enquired for any reason, we can always provide the exact intervals during which Shannon employees were on your property.

You will no longer have to worry about paying bills; you can opt for a very secure direct debit option of regular billing, in which we just bill the money out of your bank account at a certain date each month. You will also be provided with an account on the Shannon website, which you can use to verify exactly the list of services you took with us and see what else is available. Satisfaction GuaranteeThis system comes in handy as instead of coping around with three separate bills for distinct services related to front yard maintenance that you would normally seek within multiple different companies, you will sit back and get all of those services cohesively until they are complete.

As we are also devoted towards raising awareness about the best lawn care techniques, here are some pieces of advice devised by our expert which we’ll throw in at no cost:

  • Avoid watering the grass extremely frequently; mostly, once or twice or week will suffice;
  • Always make sure that the blades of your lawn mower are properly sharpened before using it;
  • Never cut more than one third of the height of your grass in one mowing session;
  • Be careful when using fertilizers; always provide your soil with the nutrients that it lacks