Tips about Lawn Care Milford, CT Residents should be Informed About

We all have that desire of having a well-maintained lawn; either if it’s for the overall impression it confers to your property or just a personal desire. We at Shannon Landscape can offer you the best in top quality gardening – we will not only offer a full array of services covering all lawn maintenance areas, but will at the same time also teach you how to take care of your lawn on your own.

In the following we are going present tips about lawn care Milford, CT residents should keep in mind; knowing the basics will not only benefit you, but will also make for an easier time even when you decide to call upon professional lawn care. And in that case, we are probably the most suited for the job.

Let’s not digress though; here are some pieces of advice that our seasoned lawn maintenance experts have gathered to help you maintain the best front yard in the neighborhood.

Watering the Lawn

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This is one vital area which many property owners fail to handle properly. No matter how suitable your choice of grass is for the soil, watering it too much or too little will end up with it being either destroyed or unequally grown – and it might even cause pest invasions.

Now, each and every lawn has its different requirements, based on factors such as zone and climate; Connecticut residents can rely on the thumb rule which says that each grass blade would need just about one inch of water every week. So rule watering out of your daily schedule; you’re probably going to want to do it on a more infrequent schedule, possibly once or twice a week depending on the availability of your schedule.

Using Fertilizers

Successful use of fertilizers depends almost solely on buying the ones that have those exact nutrients that your soil does not. Not doing so will be a waste of your time and budget; and might even have more infertile effect on your soil. Doing the soil test is the best solution in finding out the nutritive needs of your piece of land; Satisfaction Guaranteeafter buying a good quality fertilizer which satisfies those, proceed to using it according to its instructions.

There is also a specific time every year on which different grasses would best be fertilized; Northern grass types would be ideally fertilized in September, while Southern ones react best to the process in June. Always know what your type of grass requires so that you can maximize the growth and speed up the process.

Mowing the Lawn

This might seem like a piece of cake, but the truth is, incorrect mowing can harm your lawn like few things can. You should remember that cutting off over a third of your lawn’s grass will damage its regeneration; the speed at which it regenrates will then dictate the frequency of mowing. Every 5 days when it grows the fastest and 10 days when it is at its opposite make for the best mowing intervals, and only do it while it’s dry.