Expert Lawn Care Easton CT Should Get

Easton, CT residents beware: Shannon Landscaping, one of the best and most experienced outfits in lawn maintenance, is now open for business in your town. We boast a tradition of providing the best quality lawn from 1987 – when we were a family-driven business, now transformed into a group of experts that values excellency and the highest quality when it comes to lawn care.

Shannon Landscaping offers you a myriad of lawn maintenance services to choose from; you no longer need to use two different companies for, say, dethatching and pest control. This helps you as it ultimately builds into a service that is more coordinated and less time consuming as well; with our experts carefully planning the least time consuming plan for this.

We are going to teach you about the different tricks for maintaining an enviable lawn. For example, it’s surprising that, where watering the lawn is concerned, a large percent of yard owners still manage to get it wrong. Improper watering will most probably have negative consequences: it can disturb the growth rhythm, while it can also be the cause for pest infestations.

Tips from Our Lawn Care Easton CT Experts

Lawn Care Easton CT | Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

There are different ways you should manage a lawn when it comes to setting a watering routine, based on external factors such as climate. For residents of Easton, CT it is good to know that they can safely rely on the well-known thumb rule – which states that one inch of water every week for each blade is enough. So don’t do the mistake of watering it daily; once or twice a week should be enough. And if you don’t want to dabble with it at all, don’t fret; we can instill the perfect routine through our watering service.

Here’s also a list of other services we can provide you with:

Weed control – weeds can bring both a blow to the aesthetics of a lawn also provide the basis for lawn diseases or pest infestation. However, not all lawns react the same to treatment; we are going to analyze your soil for you and then apply the necessary treatment.

Belgium block installation – Belgian blocks can be difficult to install on your own, and the process can also be time consuming. We can take this off your hands and install it the proper way in the least amount of time possible. You can have us use your own materials or let us also purchase them for you.

Pond installation – this is even harder and more time consuming than the Belgian block. Let’s say you have the pond of your dreams in mind, something that would astonish every visitor to your front lawn, but you lack the time or materials to do it. Just tell us your vision, and we will cooperate with you to design exactly what you had in mind in a professional manner.

There are just samples of services we have to offer; fur a full listing with adequate prices please go see your local Shannon Landscaping office.