Professional Lawn Care Bethel, CT Residents Can Get

Shannon Landscaping is now expanding into Bethel, CT to fit all of your front yard maintenance needs. We offer an incredibly varied list of services, high quality execution guarantee, an ethic built on respect towards or your property and free re-applications of botched jobs.

We keep our employees from year to year and you will find that the same people will come to your on a regular basis. A great upside of this is the fact that we get to know your yard specifically. We will analyze and find out where the problem areas may be in your lawn and then have a good overall picture for it – making future interventions easier to execute. We know when the perfect time is to treat your lawn based on weather conditions and mowing schedule – and will also instruct you into how to maintain it on your own. In a couple of words, we offer the most customer driven experience on the market.

You should choose us as your landscaper because we offer a full host of yard-related works, making us somewhat of an outdoor general contractor. We eliminate the need to coordinate services from different companies that may only fertilize and re-design your landscape, or others specialized in maintaining your irrigation or lighting systems. This means that our trained experts will visit your property several times per month, just for the sake monitoring the status and conditions of your landscape so that you don’t have to.

We also eliminate the nuisance of paying bills the old-school way. We keep your credit card information safe in accordance with PCI Compliance and have direct debit based electronic billing. We also provide every customer with a unique login to their account to see prior invoices and account history.

We’re the Best Lawn Care Bethel CT Has Seen

Lawn Care Bethel CT | Shannon Lawn & LandscapingShould you need to contact us for any reason, our customer support team keeps a telephone line open during business hours; outside of that, we can be contacted 24/7 by e-mail. We are extremely open towards customer feedback and will work with you on settling any possible problems or complaints that may appear related to our services. We take our time to answer to every call or e-mail received from our customers; we will never let you in dark after billing you.

Satisfaction GuaranteeOur employees boast a total of over 100 years of experience in lawn care, and we’ve slowly built a Shannon Landscaping tradition of quality in execution since we started back in 1987. We are always determined to do the best job possible and prove that there really is no other choice outside of us for the services we provide, while also making your lawn one of the most observable in the neighborhood.

There are a myriad of services we can offer, all directed towards a total lawn conversion: from basic landscape designing, to more complex features such as installing and maintaining irrigation systems, setting up ponds and Belgium blocks, weeding, fencing, dethatching, landscape lighting and many more. Choose us for a full front yard-oriented experience!