Flick the Switch: The Best Landscaping Wilton, CT Experts Offer Exquisite Landscape Lighting Solutions

No matter how gorgeous your landscape is and how much pride you take in it, at nightfall everything vanishes and you are forced to leave your beautiful garden and patio and get inside the house. But landscape lighting can Landscaping Wilton CTsolve these annoyances and prolong your stay outdoors, enjoying a late summer party, barbecue or a cozy late dinner with your family.

Our landscaping Wilton, CT company is specialized in landscape lighting, using the most advanced and newest technologies to give your garden and backyard a fairytale-like atmosphere. Landscape lighting is more than finding your way through the garden back to the house. It is more than increasing your property’s curb appeal and it is more than a very practical way to upgrade a landscape. The proper lighting adds both beauty and functionality to your property, thus improving your quality of life and of your family.

What Can Our Landscaping Wilton, CT Company Do for Your Property in Terms of Lighting?

Our main goal is to keep you completely happy with your landscape. We take each project very seriously and we give our 110% to meet up your expectations. This is why all our landscape lighting installations follow the next principles:

  • Provide your outdoor space with subtle and beautiful illumination
  • Keep you and your family safe
  • Design the lighting project to highlight your flower beds, plants, driveway and pathway, trees and home, waterscapes, decks and patios
  • Use low voltage lighting systems
  • Use green technology: LED bulbs last much longer than regular incandescent ones and save you plenty of energy and money all year long
  • Repair and maintain the current lighting system on your property, not just installing a new one.

What Else Should You Know About Us Before Signing Up for a Landscape Lighting Project?

  • We work with specialized professionals who are best in their field
  • We will come down your house, look over photos, websites and magazines together with you, understand what you like and wish for and then create a lighting installation design
  • We will offer you a free estimate and a computerized design project and, if we agree upon it, we will get to work
  • We offer personalized pricing plans and a completely safe and transparent online billing system, so you can always be in control of what you spend and how
  • We will not only install your new lighting system but check up on it and repair it if necessary

As general contractors, we can take care of your entire lawn and landscape needs from A to Z. We work with team members who have been together with us since the beginning, so they are fully trained, updated and always learning new techniques. This is why, in terms of lawn care and landscaping Wilton, CT services, we are proud to say we have everything covered.

If you want the best landscape lighting in town and unique landscaping design projects, just give us a call! Benefit from a free estimate and enjoy your landscape thriving before your eyes!