Easy Stone Landscaping Westport, CT Designs for Gorgeous Properties!

Spring is the rebirth season for your turf, garden plants and veggies and it will be here soon enough. It is also that time of year when many homeowners start thinking about refreshing their landscapes, always in the Landscaping Westport CTsearch of new, simple and sustainable landscaping Westport, CT design ideas.

And they are in luck, as one major landscape design trend for 2016 is also one of our favorites: stone landscapes. Adding stones to your front yard sensibly cuts down the size of your lawn and they can turn any dull property into a work of art. Hardscapes are not only gorgeous, but also very useful, and they can be achieved in many ways to play both an aesthetic role and a functional one.

Easy Stone Landscaping Westport, CT Design Ideas – What Can We Do for You?

With tens of years of landscaping experience in the area, we are constantly preoccupied to offer our clients the best suggestions when it comes to adding new landscape elements to their front yards. If you are interested in using more hardscapes on your property, this is what we can do for you:

  • Unwind spaces: we can build you a patio using large pavers to obtain a retreat space for relaxation. Go all the way in and ask us for a fancy stone landscape lighting installation to achieve a cozy and welcoming outdoor room.
  • Artistic walkways: can call us to create a unique landscape with the help of geometric steppingstones. And if they are also crossing a small pond, you will feel like walking on At the end of this interesting path, we can build you a greenery to subtly hide a small terrace with garden furniture and lighting for intimate summer dinners in the evening.
  • Stone pond retreats with fire pits and waterfalls: among the most popular landscaping Westport, CT stone design ideas, the creation of ponds, waterfalls and fire pits are the most attractive. We can build you not only the pond, but also a pond retreat in Belgium block or curbstone, a small waterfall and even a stylish fire pit for a truly gorgeous retreat room to share with family and friends.

Why Are We Your Best Choice in Landscaping?

  • We are general contractors, able to design, install and maintain your landscape from A to Z.
  • We work with the best landscape designers in the state, able to create exquisite stone or vegetation designs on your property in an efficient and affordable manner.
  • We offer free estimates, affordable pricing plans, insurance policies and some of the best-trained workers out there.
  • We offer integrated services: from turf and flower planting to building fences, ponds, patios, masonry elements, waterscapes, hardscapes, irrigation systems and landscape lighting, we have everything covered, no matter if you wish a full landscape design from scratch or a revamping project.

Don’t just take our word for it! Give us a call, ask for a free estimate, visit our signature properties in your area and have us turn your property into a completely new one in an easy, fast and affordable manner!