Remarkable Landscaping Trumbull, CT Projects for Magazine-Picture Properties

With the Academy Awards ceremony done and over with, one question still remains: when will residential properties receive awards and nominations for special effects? You have to admit, some landscaping Trumbull, Landscaping Trumbull CTCT designs are worthy of such accolades – or, at least, some serious featuring in home and garden magazines. If you take a walk around the area you will see exquisite patches of Heaven, each with its own special and unique elements, but all sharing the same two main traits: they are incredibly beautiful and fully useful.

We are proud to have been servicing the area for tens of years and for coming up with ever-new, fresh, original and innovative projects, so no two properties look the same. We are proud to have been among the first innovative landscaping Trumbull, CT designers here who took challenges and came up with long-lasting original landscape designs. What exactly does make us stand out of the crowd? What are those elements that differentiate a Shannon landscaping, Trumbull, CT from the others?

The Best Landscaping Trumbull, CT Contractors Money Can Buy!

We wouldn’t have so large a pool of satisfied customers if we hadn’t had a few aces down our sleeve. This is the leverage we have over our competitors:

  • Full landscaping services: we are a general landscaping contractor providing A to Z landscaping design and maintenance. In other words, you don’t have to call different companies for different services, as we provide them all, full-year.
  • Specialized landscaping installations: besides flower planting and turf installations or ornamental shrubs & trees planting, we offer a wide range of landscape elements in unique designs: ponds and waterscapes with fountains and waterfalls, fire pits, driveways, pathways and patios, outdoor living spaces (using the latest and most modern materials, including Belgium block and curbstone), fencing installations, other types of hardscapes, retaining walls, irrigation installations, repairs and maintenance, landscape lighting installations, other masonry elements.
  • Fully integrated landscaping maintenance: lawn mowing, fertilization and weed control, seasonal activities, aeration, overseeding, grub and insect control, tick control, dethatching and so on.
  • We come with free estimates, insurance policies and a fully transparent approach to billing: we provide user accounts and online billing and communication means.
  • We offer all year long lawn and landscape supervision with the help of trained professionals you will get to know well and rely on, no matter the season or the lawn/landscape problem you need to solve.
  • We answer calls and emails immediately, we come back with a maintenance estimate in less than 48 hours and we can arrive at your property for evaluations or projects’ implementation upon an agreed schedule.
  • We work only with trained experts who have been with us for many years, so you won’t see strangers roaming around your property, but friends.
  • We keep electronic track of all the changes, projects and activities implemented on your property, so you are permanently in control.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our landscaping Trumbull, CT specialists can’t wait for a challenge, so give us a call, ask for a free estimate and let us amaze you!