Exquisite Landscaping Stratford, CT Designs to Upgrade Your Property

Landscaping Stratford, CT designs with the purpose of upgrading a property are as difficult to achieve as building a landscape from scratch on a bare patch of lands. Sometimes, upgrade projects are even harder to accomplish, as they need to be integrated into the existing landscape and perfectly blended in with the elements which are already there.

Landscaping Stratford CTA landscaping upgrade projects requires precise measurements and calculations, very creative and innovative ideas, skilled professionals to implement the architecture project on the field and sometimes a less friendly budget.

Our landscaping Stratford, CT company has been operating in the area for many years and our specialists have seen them all: damaged properties turned into lush patches of Paradise, dull and unmaintained properties turned into fully functional outdoor living spaces, gorgeous properties getting a full make-over and revamping and turning into works of art. This is why we are here today to tell you that we can upgrade your property to the fullest, provided given the chance.

What Can Our Landscaping Stratford, CT Specialists Do to Revamp Your Property?

The first thing you should know is that we work with some of the most creative and innovative landscape designers in the state. We will come to your house, listen to your wishes, needs and ideas, look together over pictures, projects, websites and even other peoples’ yards and come back to you with a computer design to agree upon. After that, watch the magic happening before your eyes. These are our main upgrade landscaping elements you can benefit from:

  • Hardscapes installations: walkways, driveways, patios, terraces, retaining walls, fire pits, curbstone, Belgian blocks, borders, edges and recreation areas (grill & barbecue, bar etc).
  • Waterscapes and ponds: fountains, waterfalls, low-maintenance ponds
  • Fencing installations: wood, vinyl or ornamental aluminum fences to create perfectly divided areas on your property.
  • Irrigation systems designs, installations, maintenance and sprinkler repairs
  • Landscape lighting installations around the garden and front yard or patio, to enhance flower beds, to add a soft light to ponds and waterscapes, to create a fairytale land in your back yard or your summer kitchen.
  • Flower services such as new flowers and plants adding and repositioning, ornamental shrubs, bushes and trees planting, moving and trimming, shade/sunny areas creation, turf planting, play or relaxation areas creation (for yoga practitioners or outdoor exercising).

The Main Advantages of Using Our Landscaping Stratford, CT Company

  • We work only with certified professionals in landscape design, horticulture, constructions, irrigation and electrical engineering.
  • We work with the latest design software, tools and technologies, as we believe in eco-friendliness, preservation of resources, low maintenance costs for the homeowner, sustainability and functionality.
  • We offer free estimates for landscaping projects and maintenance and we are completely transparent when it comes to billing.
  • We are general contractors, so you don’t have to call anybody else for landscaping or lawn care activities.

Do you want to completely upgrade your property and keep it healthy and thriving all year long? Call our landscaping Stratford, CT experts, ask for a free estimate and let them take care of everything!