Outstanding Pond Projects for All Pockets: Let Our Landscaping Shelton, CT Experts Do Their Magic!

Landscaping Shelton CTAdding a pond to your backyard does not only completely revamp and upgrade your landscape, but it can become the most precious asset of your property (in terms of curb appeal and visitors’ envy). Moreover, a small or large pond attracts healthy wildlife to your home, especially beneficial pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds, creating a micro-ecosystem buzzing with life, color, and health. Our landscaping Shelton, CT company is specialized in all waterscapes and water features imaginable, but when it comes to ponds, we are the best money can buy!

What Type of Pond Can We Create on Your Property?

Ponds make great additions to your backyard and garden if you want to achieve a wilder, more natural environment or a state-of-the-art minimalist, urban style or even oriental-inspired themed garden. They can be in-ground, above ground or partly in-ground. They can be built in many ways and styled depending on your tastes, property features, and purposes.

  • We can create an in-ground pond bordered by boulders and stones and style it with wild colored plants and shrubs. A pond bridge, depending on the pond size does wonders to your garden.
  • We can create an above-ground pond out of a recycled wooden hot tub and styled with a whiskey barrel pond kit or a small waterfall.
  • We can add an in-ground pond with flat stone surroundings in the middle of a stone paved patio or a curbstone one, for a tight, clean and somewhat minimalist design.
  • We can build you a mid-sized partly in-ground garden pond with liners, tall grasses, water plants and even fish.

When creating a pond on your property, our landscaping Shelton, CT experts will first assess your property, shooting videos and noting all your ideas and suggestions. Then, they can get to work.

A Few More Details Before We Build Your Future Pond

  • We have years of experience in landscaping, architecture, horticulture, design trends and technologies.
  • We work only with certified professionals, landscape irrigation, and landscape lighting engineers and landscape builders.
  • We offer a complete range of landscaping services and designs: besides ponds, we can add turf and vegetation, ornamental shrubs and trees, fences, fire pits, waterscapes, retaining walls, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, build you decks and patios, driveways and pathways, all sorts of stone, water and fire elements, outdoor living spaces and more.
  • We don’t only build, but also maintain: our lawn care services and landscape management ones cover the entire year: from weekly lawn mowing to seasonal aeration, overseeding and clean-ups, we can manage everything. We also offer fertilization plans, weed, and pest control, dethatching, regular shrubs and trees trimming and so on.
  • We work with a transparent and safe online billing system, electronic workers tracking, insurance policies and the latest tools, software, and equipment, so you can always be in control and completely safe from any risks.

So don’t waste any more time! Give us a call! Benefit from a free estimate and get the pond of your dreams up and running! And if you want more landscaping Shelton, CT ideas, all you have to do is ask!