Innovative Landscaping Monroe, CT Designs of Shade Gardens Implemented by Landscape Artists

Building a design from scratch on a bare land is sometimes easier than adding new elements to an already existing landscape. However, our company works with some of the best landscaping Monroe, CT architects so Landscaping Monroe CTthere is no challenge we cannot take. In the last years, an emerging landscaping trend is the creation of shade gardens, where people can retreat and relax, breathe and enjoy some quiet moments.

One of the easiest ways of adding a shade area to your lawn and garden is the building of a kiosk or a covered patio, adorned with vine and climbing flowers or plants. But there are even more innovative landscaping Monroe, CT shade design ideas we can implement with high efficiency and little money, especially if your property is small in size and doesn’t allow the building of extended structures.

What Can Our Landscaping Monroe, CT Experts Do for You?

First, we will come to your house and evaluate the sun/shady areas, shooting videos and writing down all your plans. We will take into account your suggestions, needs and wishes and match them with our own ideas. A computer-based design will be delivered to you and, if we agree upon it, we can get to work. Here are some choices you can think about:

  • Add shade over a sunny deck or patio with the help of hanging flower pots featuring ferns or lush-leaved
  • Create a shady nook under the canopy of a tree by building a small cobblestone patio around it and bordering it with flowers and shrubs.
  • Add retaining walls or fences and install vertical gardens to create a small cozy space which can play a double role: keep you cool in summer and provide you with herbs and spices for the kitchen.
  • Build a small pond with waterfall and even a fountain and surround it with tall vegetation, leaving a small nook to host some garden furniture.
  • Create a shady house entrance by bordering the pathway and stairs with large colored ceramic flower pots containing tall and shady plants such as ferns, succulents, evergreens, and vine.

These are just a few examples and we can come up with even more ideas once we assessed your property and decided together what your needs are.

A Few Things to Know About Us Before You Ask for a Free Estimate

  • We offer complete landscaping Monroe, CT services: plant flowers and trees, add ornamental shrubs, build fences, ponds, waterscapes, retaining walls, fire pits, water fountains, driveways, pathways, patios, decks, borders, and edges. We also design, install and maintain landscape irrigation and landscape lighting.
  • We also provide our clients with full lawn and landscape care and maintenance: lawn mowing, seasonal activities, aeration and overseeding, weed and pest control, fertilization and more.
  • We offer free estimates, many types of pricing plans and enough insurance policies so your work with us is easy, transparent and completely risk-free.

Give us a call and let us turn your property into a gorgeous outdoor living space, and let us manage your newly created landscape all year long!