Outstanding Landscaping Milford, CT Designs Provided by the Best in the Field!

Milford is a great place to live in and many homeowners here are very fond of their lawns and landscapes. But such incredible landscaping Milford, CT designs and projects are not easy to achieve: after all, they require hi-tech tools and software, a lot of work, creative landscape architects, manpower, time and effort.

Landscaping Fairfield CTLuckily for everyone, we are here to offer the best and most affordable landscaping Milford, CT services to all our customers. With years of experience servicing the area, we came to understand perfectly our clients’ wishes and needs concerning landscape beauty, originality, functionality and sustainability.

A beautiful and useful outdoor landscape isn’t just a one-time deal. It needs ulterior maintenance and care, early prevention methods to be employed to keep it safe from damages and a constant supervision to keep it at its best potential. Besides, landscape maintenance is mandatory, as even the most high-quality installation needs regular repairs. We are the best money can buy, but let us tell you more about our company!

All-Year Long Landscaping Milford, CT Full Service a Phone Call Away!

We are a general contractor in the business of landscaping and lawn care maintenance. This means you don’t have to coordinate several companies, each implementing a different project. We are specialized and certified to cover all grounds when it comes to landscaping Milford, CT services.

  • Landscape design and installation with the help of our creative and innovative landscape designers and professional architecture software.
  • Flower services, flower beds, tree lines, bush & shrubs trimmings, lawn installation and lawn renovations.
  • Pond installations and waterscapes, including waterfalls and water fountains
  • Fire installations, including fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Fencing installations
  • Hardscapes: patios and decks, retaining walls, driveways and pathways – all these using the most modern and reliable materials which also include Belgium block and curbstone
  • Irrigation design, irrigation installations, maintenance and repairs
  • Landscape lighting with LED technology – making any lighting system low-cost, sustainable and worry-free.

Why Are We the Best in Our Field of Expertise?

We built a strong reputation in the community and we have an ever-expanding pool of satisfied customers. However, there is more to us than just happy clients!

  • We work only with certified professionals who will monitor your landscape regularly.
  • We work with the same people for many years and our employee turnover is very low: this means you will get to know very well the specialists coming to your house and they will get to know each detail, flaw, vulnerability and strength of your property. They are completely trustworthy and, in many cases, a part of the homeowners’ extended family.
  • We work with high-tech tools and software, making your billing plan easy and fast, completely transparent and with no hidden costs.
  • We deliver free estimates and we come accompanied by insurances and policies which keep you safe from any risks.

Want to put us to the test? Nothing easier! We always answer the phone and our emails! Ask for a free estimate and call us to do a full property evaluation! We will take care of the rest!