Green Landscaping Easton, CT Design Projects at Your Doorstep

Green landscaping is not a thing of the present, but it is becoming more and more popular. The eco-friendly approach and the creation of green landscaping Easton, CT designs mean more than the preservation of resources and saving money. It mostly means mimicking nature and creating micro-ecosystems in your garden, allowing the thriving of your landscape, the neighborhood and the environment itself.

Landscaping Easton CTA major landscaping trend these years focuses on informal and green landscaping designs – curved lines, meandering paths, casual flower planting beds, the use of native plants and trees, the attraction of pollinators and wildlife to your property, the creation of water gardens and so on. Our company has been providing landscaping Easton, CT projects for many years and we applaud the residents’ sense of responsibility towards nature and their interest in sustainability. So if you want to go green and transform your property into a lush, natural and thriving patch of paradise, this is what you need to know.

What Landscaping Easton, CT Services Do We Offer to Achieve a Green Outdoor Natural Environment for You?

We work with the best landscaping architects in the state, but this is not all. Our team members are certified horticulture, agriculture, and engineer specialists. Creating a veritable ecosystem in your backyard is a great challenge we are all willing to embrace. So this is what we can design and build for you:

  • Front lawns, gardens and back yards with native flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and so on. Being adapted to the climacteric conditions of your area and resilient to the local pests and weeds, native vegetation needs less water, care, and maintenance, thus saving you money and limiting the use of water, fertilizers, pest and weed killers.
  • Waterscapes: ponds are not only a great addition to your property but a great place to welcome some wildlife and produce more oxygen. We can build you any type of pond to host water vegetation or fish. Waterfalls, natural stones and boulders, even small streams of water attract beneficial insects and birds, creating natural movement and buzz on your property.
  • Green landscape lighting: we can create superb landscape lighting installations with the help of LED technology, which lasts longer and is significantly cheaper than regular incandescent bulbs systems.
  • Hardscapes: we can add the necessary curves and informal garden designs by building you pathways and driveways with natural stones in exquisite designs. Moreover, our services include the creation of patios and decks in durable and low-maintenance materials, which also add to the green principles.
  • Landscape irrigation: you might think that installing a landscaping irrigation system is contrary to the environmental-friendly approach, but you have to know that smart irrigation with the help of a hi-tech sprinkler system is more efficient and less costly than hose watering.

We are here 24/7 to offer you the best green landscaping Easton, CT solutions, designs and prices. Call us, ask for a free estimate and we will make sure your ideas and wishes are put into practice with maximum efficiency! Put us to the test, give us a run for our money and get a “Shannon signature” property right now!