Simply the Best Contemporary Landscaping Bethel, CT Projects a Phone Call Away!

Contemporary and minimalist landscaping is founded on the idea that not everybody owns properties the size of small villages. Moreover, in the fast paced, innovative and creative world we live in, house and buildings architecture comes with new and fresh ideas every day. A modern house needs a modern landscape and our landscaping Bethel, CT company understands this all too well.

Landscaping Bethel CTThe contemporary landscaping approach works best with straight lines and geometrical forms and very neat and clean elements. A wild exotic garden is indeed lush and gorgeous, but so is a container garden perfectly blended in an overall architecture combining metal, glass, wood, marble, stone and hi-tech landscape lighting systems.

Such modern designs are mostly recommended for mid-sized or small properties. They also look great with house architectures which went beyond the traditional house design but adopted a futuristic, straight, simple and fully functional style.

What Should You Know about Our Contemporary Landscaping Bethel, CT Design Services?

We are a locally operated landscaping company with years of experience in designing classic or modern landscapes, no matter the property size. We have some of the best architects and specialists and they will design you an outstanding modern landscape with no problems.

We first come down your property and evaluate it. We shoot videos and look over other designs you wish to show us for inspiration. Taking all your ideas and crossing them with our landscape artists’ own vision, we will be able to create you the yard of your dreams. We offer free estimates and if we agree on the design, materials and budget, we will get to work:

  • Hardscapes: patios, walkways and driveways, decks, terraces and gardens built with curbstone, pavers, Belgium blocks, gravel, cobblestone, and boulders and so on.
  • Fences: wooden, decorative aluminum and vinyl fences to delimitate spaces and add privacy areas.
  • Vertical gardens: the added benefit is that you can use them to plant edible herbs and spices for your kitchen and achieve a private space with wood or stone privacy screens.
  • Container gardens: we can help you add the exact amount and type of flowers, perennials, conifers, ornamental shrubs or trees to make your property look neat, clean and environmentally
  • Fire pits: round, square, in-ground or above ground, they make a great addition to a modern landscape design. They can be built in stone or even metal for a more contemporary feel.
  • Ponds and waterscapes: in-ground ponds with waterfalls, a water fountain or an above-ground pond with proper finishing and added vegetation is as “contemporary” as it gets in terms of modern landscaping.
  • Lighting installations: garden lamps or hi-tech LED lighting can turn a minimalist picture perfect landscape into a heaven when night falls.

You don’t have to worry about modern landscaping Bethel, CT management either. Since we created the landscape, we will also keep it at its full potential. As general contractors, we can take care of regular clean-ups, lawn mowing, flower beds planting, fertilization, weed control and all necessary repairs. Just give us a call and ask for a free estimate! You will never regret it!